Dr Sunni Patel – Follow Your Gut!

Now this is a man that you’re going to love! My guest in this episode is the incredible Dr Sunni Patel. Dr Sunni is a qualified culinary medicine coach as well as a Level 3 fitness instructor and personal trainer with an established background as a published clinician-scientist. He was diagnosed with IBD in 2014 and founded the platform Dish Dash Deets following his own transition to a plant-based diet and made it his mission to create recipes, educational content, and coaching programs for the wellbeing of others.

During the episode Sunni chats about fascinating new research into longevity, the huge importance of gut health, ageing healthily and tips for improving our diets. His positivity and energy make him so lovely to listen to and I have a feeling that you’re going to leave this episode feeling inspired and motivated.

You can find Dr Sunni here at Dish Dash Deets.