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Dozens Release Balloons For Shanquella Robinson’s 26th Birthday

Dozens gathered around Shanquella Robinson‘s gravesite on Sunday, releasing hundreds of balloons as her mother tearfully watched, all while the family continues to seek justice and answers regarding her mysterious death.

“She’s Smiling Down On Us” Mother Says On What Would Be Shanquella Robinson’s 26th Birthday

“She’s smiling down on us,” Shanquella’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, told the Charlotte Observer. “We have good days and bad days, but we’re out here to celebrate.”

The crowd chanted “Happy Birthday” together, as family and friends were forced to celebrate Shanquella’s first birthday without her.

“She would tell you what she wanted for her birthday and that’s what we’d go buy,” her mother shared.

Shanquella died at 25 back on Oct. 29 when her lifeless body was discovered at a Mexican villa she had rented with several friends. She would have turned 26 on Monday.

Meanwhile, next week will be two months since Salamondra buried her daughter at Beatties Ford Memorial Garden in Huntersville. Mexican authorities have said said there is an arrest warrant issued in the case, however police have yet to make any arrests as of Tuesday.

Family Says Prison Time Is The Only Justice Family Will Accept As Arrests, Extraditions Remain Elusive

Her death came under suspicious circumstances, including a now-viral video showing a woman believed to be Robinson being beaten while naked by a person who went on the trip with her, The Shade Room previously reported.

Last month, Shanquella’s sister said the prison time is the only justice the family will accept for whoever is responsible for her death.

“Everybody being arrested and doing time in Mexico. Everybody being extradited over there and doing their time there. That would be justice for us as of now,” Quilla Long said.

Both the FBI and authorities in Mexico have since launched investigations, which remain ongoing.

Shanquella’s Mother Says Still No Arrests But That “In God’s Time, It Will Happen”

On Sunday, Salamondra Robinson said she’s still not heard if anyone has been arrested or whether extradition has started.

“We’re waiting to see and I know it will happen,” she said. “In God’s time, it will happen. That’s all I’m waiting on.”

Last month, a rally was held in Shanquella’s native Charlotte, North Carolina, where community members and family members of the slain young women came together in the 25-year-old’s name, The Shade Room reported.

The rally was organized by the Million Youth March of Charlotte and Salisbury and was held at Little Rock A.M.E. Zion Church.

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