The Trump campaign wasted no time following his third indictment in releasing political attack ads to show his supporters and his opponents he is “growing even stronger.” 

The campaign released two concurrent political ads, one targeting a handful of prosecutors who have indicted former President Donald Trump, and the other slamming President Biden, who is under scrutiny by GOP investigators who allege he and his son involved themselves in corrupt foreign bribery schemes.

The first ad began airing after House Oversight Republicans released the transcript of their closed-door interview with former Biden business associate Devon Archer. 

“What do you call someone this weak? Someone caught in a bribery scandal that made them millions? Complicit in a government cover up? And uses your government to get special deals for his family? You call him Joe Biden” the narrator opens the ad.

Embarrassing clips of Mr. Biden looking frail pop up, including footage of him falling off his bicycle, needing help with his blazer, tripping as he is walking up the stairs to Air Force One, being seen with his son Hunter on AirForce One, and tripping on the stage at the Air Force Academy graduation. 

“And acting just like a corrupt third world dictator, Biden has unleashed a cadre of unscrupulous government bureaucrats he controls to act like rabid wolves and attack his greatest threat, launching one of the greatest witch hunts in history,” the ad’s voiceover continues. 

The names and faces of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Special Counsel Jack Smith, New York Attorney General Letitia James and Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis float across the screen.  

“But Biden has underestimated the intelligence of voters. And Trump’s support is growing even stronger. As hard-working Americans come together in huge numbers to stand with the one person, they know he has their backs and will fight to make America great again.”

The ad closes with video and images of Mr. Trump’s supporters cheering him on as he walks out on stage to address a crowd at one of his campaign rallies.

The second ad focuses on the backgrounds of the prosecutors who have investigated and brought indictments against Mr. Trump. 

“How far will the most corrupt president in history go to keep Republicans from winning back the White House? Meet the cast of unscrupulous accomplices he’s assembled to get Trump,” the ad’s voiceover begins. 

“Alvin Bragg, the radical liberal New York prosecutor who refuses to prosecute violent criminals,” the voiceover says. 

“Jack Smith, who’s made a career of persecuting innocent Republican officials.”

Each prosecutor has their name flashed across the screen as the narrator describes the campaign’s take on each one, and a track of daunting music is playing. 

“Letitia James, the socialist who ran on the promise, ‘I’ll go after Trump.’”

The ad introduces the latest legal name to the mix, who has yet to indict the former president officially. Ms. Willis is expected to bring a possible fourth indictment against Mr. Trump in Georgia on charges of attempting to reverse his 2020 election defeat to President Biden. 

“And Biden’s newest lackey, Atlanta DA Fani Willis, so incompetent on her watch, violent crimes have exploded. So tainted, Willis was thrown off one case for trying to prosecute a political opponent,” the voiceover in the ad says. “So corrupt, Willis got caught hiding a relationship with a gang member she was prosecuting. So dishonest, Willis was accused of creating a fake subpoena.”

The ad concludes, “Welcome to the fraud squad.”

The Washington Times reached out to all the prosecutors and the White House for comment but did not hear back. 

Mr. Trump on Thursday was charged in a four-count federal indictment with conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstructing an official proceeding, and conspiracy against the rights of citizens.

He pleaded not guilty, as he did in the federal government’s case in Florida alleging he illegally mishandled national security documents. Both cases were brought by special counsel Jack Smith.

He promised his supporters Thursday that his reelection to the White House in 2024 would mean retribution against Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party for all the indictments he’s been facing.

“Look, it’s not my fault that my political opponent in the Democrat Party, Crooked Joe Biden, has told his Attorney General to charge the leading (by far!) Republican Nominee & former President of the United States, me, with as many crimes as can be concocted so that he is forced to spend large amounts of time & money to defend himself,” he said on his Truth Social platform. 

“The Dems don’t want to run against me or they would not be doing this unprecedented weaponization of “Justice.” BUT SOON, IN 2024, IT WILL BE OUR TURN. MAGA!”