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Dolph Lundgren joins the cast of Netflix’s mysterious spinoff series

Swedish action star Dolph Lundgren confirms he’s joining Netflix’s The Witcher Universe for an upcoming prequel spinoff series.

Dolph Lundgren, The Witcher, Season 3

Netflix’s The Witcher Universe is about to be visited by one of the most iconic action stars on the silver screen, Dolph Lundgren. According to the Rocky and The Expendables alum, he’s in South Africa shooting a spinoff series of The Witcher. Lundgren confirmed his participation via the Swedish outlet Aftonbladet. While his role in the project remains a mystery, many believe the Witcher spinoff series focuses on the Rats, a team of young mischief-makers who join forces after the war in the Continent disrupts their lives.

When The Witcher returns for its third season, the story focuses on Andrzej Sapkowski’s third book in the series, Time of Contempt. The plot introduces the Rats, setting up the group for an adventure in another series. The Witcher spinoff is a prequel depicting how the gang entered a life of crime. While Lundgren is too old to be a part of the Rats, he could play Leo Bonhart, a bounty hunter in the story. If Lundgren plays Bonhart, Netflix could include him in The Witcher Season 3, seeing as he crosses paths with Ciri on several occasions.

Lundgren recently revealed he’s been battling cancer for the past eight years. During a nationally syndicated interview on In Depth With Graham Bensinger, Lundgren said he’d been diagnosed with lung cancer in 2015.

While Lundgren says he went into remission, the cancer returned with a vengeance in 2020. His doctor gave him a terminal diagnosis, saying he only had 2-3 years to live. When the actor’s cancer returned, Lundgren’s fiancée Emma Krokdal said the doctors found tumors in his lungs, spine, and kidneys. Dolph made peace with the diagnosis, thinking he would die within a finite period.

Thankfully, this report has a silver lining. Lundgren sought a second opinion from Dr. Alexandra Drakaki, who worked alongside the Swedish behemoth to shrink the tumors. Lundgren is open about his use of steroids several years ago and questions if the muscle-enhancing drugs played a part in his condition.

What do you think about Lundgren joining The Witcher Universe? Are you excited about the fantasy property branching out to other series? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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