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DMC’s chief operating officer talks hospital administration

You have an undergraduate degree in biosystems engineering. What career path did you originally see yourself pursuing?

Growing up, I always envisioned myself as a physician and working in the healthcare industry. I was mainly inspired by my grandfather, who provided medical support to the indigent community he grew up among in Honduras. Though he was not a physician, his selflessness and calling to serve others resonated with me deeply. As I grew into young adulthood, I discovered my passion for STEM with a focus on process improvement and problem solving. This naturally led me to pursue an engineering degree alongside a pre-medical course load.

What ultimately led you to hospital administration?

During my undergraduate program, additional leadership experience and exposure to business operations led me to pursue a healthcare MBA. At the time, I still planned to go to medical school, but I discovered hospital administration and everything clicked. I found a career that could fulfill my passion of making a positive impact on patient care and the healthcare industry, while utilizing my engineering and business skill sets. Equally as important in deciding on this career path are my incredible industry mentors and colleagues, who have provided invaluable support and guidance.

What stands out the most from your time as an administrator and COO, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The only thing that’s constant is change. Healthcare organizations had to learn to adapt and be resilient in the face of resource shortages and to meet shifts in consumer behavior and expectations. It became imperative that we continuously challenged the status quo and embraced those changes through innovative solutions. I am most inspired by the dedication of our healthcare providers and leaders to push beyond a challenging environment to provide high-quality patient care and meet the needs of the community.

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