Discover the Magic of Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

That’s where other ingredients come in, such as Fructooligosaccharides, a group of prebiotics with hydrating properties. These ingredients add extra moisture to your skin, helping it to stay hydrated and supple for longer. When your skin has all the moisture it needs, it looks younger, too.

Another ingredient that deeply hydrates your skin is Mannitol, a plant-derived or lab-made sugar that keeps your skin softer and suppler for longer. It works alongside Xylitol, another sugar that attracts and binds water to your skin, helping it to stay hydrated, softer, and suppler for longer.

Rhamnose is another ingredient that’s been found to increase collagen and fight premature aging in vitro. Although the jury is still out on how well it works on real skin, it’s a promising ingredient to keep an eye on.

Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract is another hydrating ingredient that’s made up of 95% water. It not only hydrates your skin but also has antioxidants that can help fight free radicals and slow down premature aging.

Propylene Glycol is a humectant that attracts water from the air into your skin, helping to keep it hydrated for longer. Cetrimonium Bromide is a preservative that keeps your skincare products safe to use for longer.

Finally, Disodium EDTA is an ingredient that neutralizes the metal ions found in water. These metal ions can spoil the product and make it last way less than it otherwise would. By neutralizing these ions, Disodium EDTA helps to preserve the product and extend its shelf life.

In summary, Aqua is a crucial ingredient in skincare products that helps dissolve other ingredients and create the right consistency. However, it needs to be paired with other hydrating ingredients to nourish and protect your skin. By understanding the ingredients in your skincare products, you can choose the best products for your skin and achieve the best possible results.