Samsung’s “The Frame” smart TV is not only one of the most unique TVs you can buy, it’s also the most popular TV amongst our readers. We’ll get to why that is in just a moment. But, if you’ve been wanting to hang one of these ultra-thin TVs on your wall at home, you can enjoy extra savings of between $300 and $1,000 in the coming week during the Discover Samsung fall sale. It kicks off on September 11 and ends September 17. Can’t wait? Use the links in this article to gain early access to the sale.

Here are some of the great deals you’ll find happening right now on Samsung’s “The Frame” smart TV:

  • 32″ Samsung ‘The Frame,’ $550 (reduced from $600)
  • 43″ Samsung ‘The Frame,’ $900 (reduced from $1,000)
  • 50″ Samsung ‘The Frame,’ $1,100 (reduced from $1,300)
  • 55″ Samsung ‘The Frame,’ $1,300 (reduced from $1,500)
  • 65″ Samsung ‘The Frame,’ $1,700 (reduced from $2,000)
  • 75″ Samsung ‘The Frame,’ $2,200 (reduced from $3,000)
  • 85″ Samsung ‘The Frame,’ $3,400 (reduced from $4,400)

Here’s why so many people love ‘The Frame’ smart TV

So why is everyone clamoring to hang “The Frame” smart TV on their wall? For starters, it’s available in seven popular sizes, including 32, 43, 50, 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. All sizes of this TV utilize a QLED 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixel) display with a 120Hz refresh rate. You also get a unique, anti-glare matte finish with a wide viewing angle. The TV is able to generate billions of accurate colors that bring whatever you’re watching to life with incredible detail.



Meanwhile, regardless of what size “The Frame” TV you purchase, it’s only one inch thick and designed to be hung on a wall, just like a picture frame. The TV screen is actually surrounded by your choice of bezels that resemble a traditional picture frame. When you order the TV, you get to choose from a selection of frame colors and styles, so it blends in perfectly with your home’s decor. 

Then, whenever you’re not watching a TV show, movie or sporting event, for example, instead of being turned off and having a large black rectangle hanging on your wall, “The Frame” is able to display your choice of famous works of art. Each piece of art is shown in high resolution, so the images look like actual paintings. If your favorite art was created vertically as a portrait, for example, the screen can easily rotate on its mount to accommodate this.



With a paid subscription, there are more than 2,000 works of art you can choose from. However, “The Frame” can also display your own selection of digital photos and video clips. It’s all managed using a special smartphone app. Meanwhile, thanks to a motion sensor that’s built into the TV, when nobody is in the room (or at night), “The Frame” will turn itself off, but then turn itself back on automatically and display artwork (or your chosen content) as soon as anyone enters the room.

When actually watching TV on “The Frame,” you get the benefits of AI-based Quantum Dot technology that showcases vivid and bright colors that take full advantage of HDR (high dynamic range) to enhance detail and contrast. Blacks appear extra deep, while whites are crisp and bright. The TV continuously uses AI to analyze the content you’re watching and optimizes it to flush out intricate detail in full 4K resolution. But if you’re watching 1080p resolution content, the TV’s upscaling feature upgrades that content to near 4K quality. 

Plus, with the help of Samsung’s Tizen processor, you get all of the latest smart TV features at your disposal. This includes easy access to all of the popular streaming services. For gamers, “The Frame” supports integrated Xbox online gaming, with no console required. However, you can easily connect any gaming console to the TV using one of the four HDMI ports and then take advantage of Samsung’s Game Hub feature.

Choose the display size and bezel frame design that will best fit into your living space and then transform that room using Samsung’s “The Frame” as a centerpiece on any wall. For extra peace of mind when it comes to your TV investment, consider adding some protection for your purchase through the Samsung Care+ plan, which is available with two or four years of coverage. 

If all this sounds intriguing, don’t miss out on the special savings you can benefit from exclusively during the Discover Samsung fall sale.

Samsung ‘The Frame’ Disney 100 Edition is almost sold out



Display Type: QLED (matte finish) | Resolution: 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) | Refresh Rate: 120Hz | Operating System: Tizen | Max. Brightness: 475 nits | HDR Support: HLG, Quantum HDR, HDR10+ | Main Ports: 4x HDMI, 1x Ethernet, 1x USB | Other Key Features: Includes 100 pieces of Disney artwork, Dolby Atmos sound, wide angle viewing, Film Mode,  | Overall Dimensions: 66.2 x 37.8 x 1.1 inches (75-inch version) | Weight: 77.8 pounds

Here’s a chance to take your TV viewing to a whole new world. Just in time for your home’s fall makeover and Disney’s 100th anniversary celebration, Samsung has released the “The Frame” – Disney 100 Edition. It’s a limited edition that’s available in a 55, 65 and 75-inch size. Quantities are very limited and some sizes are already sold out. In addition to a special Disney themed bezel that surrounds the TV (like a picture frame), it comes preinstalled with 100 pieces of artwork featuring famous Disney stories and characters. You also get a Mickey Mouse inspired SolarCell remote control. 

Don’t forget to add a soundbar

To dramatically enhance the sound equality offered by “The Frame” (or any large, flat screen TV for that matter), we recommend investing in an optional soundbar or complete surround sound system. 



Right now, during the Discover Samsung fall sale, you’ll find instant savings on some of Samsung’s most popular soundbars and surround sound systems, including the Q-Series 11.1.4 Channel Wireless Dolby Atmos Soundbar Q990C. It was $1,900, but it’s on sale for $1,500 (a discount of $400). You can also save 30% on the Q-Series 5.1.2 Channel Wireless Dolby Atmos Soundbar Q800C, which was $1,000, but is now on sale for $700 (that’s $300 off). 

If you’re more budget conscious, check out the Q-Series 3.1 Channel Q60C soundbar, which is also on sale for 30% off, bringing the price down to $350 (from $500). Remember, since “The Frame” TV is designed to be hung on a wall, we suggest choosing a soundbar that can also be mounted on a wall (directly below the TV). With these and other Samsung soundbars and surround sound systems, the necessary wall mounting kit is included.

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