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Dinner Diaries: The Lonely Oyster


Our fellow Angelenos, and specifically our East-Siders are you ready for this one? For this Dinner Diaries we believe we’ve uncovered a local gem that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again with recently opened The Lonely Oyster in Echo Park.

The Lonely Oyster is a neighborhood seafood spot and raw bar in Echo Park, that definitely has some unforgettable items. The food is delicious while the menu is also innovative and gives East Coaster (many of who live in the Silver Lake – Los Feliz – Echo Park, trifecta) vibe in all its choices. It’s open 7 days a week! Finally! We wanted to shout from the rooftops when we heard that, post pandemic it’s been such a pain to keep track of all the irregular days and hours many restaurants have resorted to due to staff shortages. The Lonely Oyster is having none of that. Their staff is upbeat and friendly, the type you get to know after becoming a regular and want to hang out with, and the days and hours are dreamy, especially on this side of town where we have been missing that. With upcoming events during holidays you can expect The Lonely Oyster to have a long run and become a local neighborhood haunt. We’re already planning our next trip back.

We kicked off our Lonely Oyster adventure with their TLO Martini to include an oyster and cavi bump (hello, how can you not?). It was divine. The Lonely Oyster is so creative, if you ask for gin you’ll be sure to recieve a West Coast oyster, while they pair their vodka martini with East Coast oysters. We were obsessed with our west coast and gin pairing, plus the caviar bump there is nothing to dislike here. Oh, and did we mention you can ask for it dirty? Well you can. Chasing an oyster with a dirty martini is a new self care tactic in our book now. Please run over and let us know what you think. We haven’t shut up about it and it’s been two weeks since we scooped the place for all of you.

Next on our Lonely Oyster adventure was their beef, roe and caviar bump tartare. It can be found on their menu under RAW and lists as their Surf & Turf TarTare. It’s made up of finely selected raw Wagyu steak, Roe, chive, celery, shallots, horseradish-anchovy aioli and crispy wontons. You can also choose to add a cavi (caviar) bump and to this we say yes. So. Much. Yes. This appetizer just melts in your mouth and the flavor combinations with the roe really set off the full flavored nature of the Wagyu.

It’s not called the Lonely Oyster for nothing, although nothing about these Oysters was lonely. We tried The First Mate which can be found under the PLATEAU section of the menu. It is a show-stopper. The kind of dish that you rave about after great dinners and nights out with friends. They have severalselections under PLATEAUS for similar type seafood platter selections but for us, it’s always going to be the First Mate. It is literally a feast for all of your senses. The platter is stunningly arranged and hosts an array of seafood including their Scallop Carpaccio which is so smooth it’s ridiculous, you don’t even have to chew it the quality is so unbelievable. The Lonely Oyster does not play with their seafood, it is a seafood lovers haven. Alright, back to the dish. The First Mate includes: 6 oysters on the half shell – 6 cold smoked mussels – 6 chilled clams – 3 Tiger Shrimp – a well portioned small dish of salmon crudo – a well portioned dish of scallop carpaccio – Alma’s ceviche – and uni-cavi wontons. Together the ingredients are show stoppers and the shrimp were the literal size of our hands. If anyone ever, EVER says they have Tiger Shrimp on the menu and they aren’t at least the size of our closed fist we’re calling the cops for a culinary crime. But, we’ll let the images do the talking. How mouth watering is it? Right. As if it isn’t already incredible The Lonely Oyster also has three speciality made oils to enhance the flavors of your oysters, our favorite was the Calabrian chili oil, but don’t worry we won’t spoil all the surprises you’ll just have to go to find out your favorite and report back.

Now this next dish used to only be a special but after being a massive hit for months straight, the Cioppino ladies and gentlemen has arrived on the main menu. You can find it under GOODS. The flavor explodes in your mouth. The dish has just the right amount of spice. The mussels are center stage but it is a medley of seafood that we actually paired with their Old Bay seasoned fries off of the Sides section of the menu and what a choice. The meal comes with beautifully toasted bread, but the Old Bay fries just really lay into the flavor and enhance the experience of enjoying this dish. Thats our pro-tip for the Cioppino: Old Bay fries.

Of course we saw Lobster Rolls on the menu and couldn’t say no. Under their GOODS section you will see their Lobster Roll Trio and it was a masive hit. Also, do not be deceived. The Lobster Roll is insanely filling. The trip consists of a Connecticut style Roll, New Orleans and a Curry. The curry lobster roll was interesting and it’s always fun to play around with flavors and try something new, thats the whole point of Dinner Diaries is going on foodie adventures and we hope you love doing the same. Our favorite from this one is honestly a tye between the Connecticut roll and the New Orleans which had a pickled onion as a topping. It was so different we loved this dish and also found it really filling. If you do get it with the Cioppino, dipping the lobster roll bread in the Cioppino sauce is also a win-win.

Kicking off dessert we ordered bubbly and their cocktail White Squall. Its like a Pisco sour but much smoother and pairs beautifully with seafood, especially the oysters.

Now, for actual dessert we went with their in-house Bread Pudding and you know what no notes. No. Notes. We just watched as our souls left our body. It’s an experience, just do it. Your tastebuds will thank us, you’re welcome in advance.

The Lonely Oyster is located at 1320 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026. It is open 7 days a week for more information check out their website.

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