After a soggy Saturday that featured a bit of a mid-evening reprieve, Chicago-area residents are in for some more rain to finish off their weekend.

While overnight showers are expected to diminish in the morning and lead for a cloudy, mostly dry day, rainfall and thunderstorms may move back into the area in the late evening hours.

Cooler temperatures caused from much of the rainfall on Saturday are persisting in the morning hours, with mid-morning readings in the high 60s to low 70s.

Temperatures are not expected to climb very much from there, likely peaking in the mid 70s in the afternoon hours and giving those attending Lollapalooza a second-straight day of below-average high temperatures.

Although today’s conditions aren’t likely to bring many to Chicago’s beaches, the National Weather Service warns of very dangerous swimming conditions on Sunday and advises to stay out of the water.

Temperatures are expected to hover in the 70s before dropping into the 60s by the mid-evening hours, with a steadily increasing chance for rain as the night goes on.

While Lollapalooza attendees and the vast majority of Chicago-area residents will be spared of any severe weather or flooding risk, those south of I-80 and closer to central Illinois are at risk for both threats.

The overnight precipitation, while not severe, is anticipated to carry through much of the day on Monday, likely giving Chicago-area residents another wet, cooler day before temperatures climb back into the 80s once again on Tuesday.