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Decision to keep next-gen of promoters out of Infosys was wrong: Narayana Murthy

Bengaluru, December 14

NR Narayana Murthy, Founder of IT major Infosys, said that his earlier decision to not allow the children of founders or the next generation of promoters to work at Infosys was wrong.

He was speaking at the Infosys 40-year celebrations in Bengaluru.

Infosys Founder Narayan Murthy

Infosys Founder Narayan Murthy

“I was completely wrong. I was depriving this organisation of legitimate talent. I take back whatever I said. Every individual must have the same opportunity as every other individual if he or she is considered the best person for the job.”

The founder of Infosys had earlier held the view that no family member of a founder can ever come to work at Infosys. Murthy stated that he initially embraced the idea because he was concerned that certain people might bring in undeserving candidates and put them in positions. “I wanted the future of the organisations to be strong, but now I take that back,” he said.

Changing his view on the matter, Murthy now opines, nationality, heritage, and lineage shouldn’t be of consideration as long as the candidate has the best competence for a position. Having said that, he added, “But one has to work through the proper process of maturing in the organisation before being given a suitable position or responsibility.”

Commenting on the same, the non-executive Chairman of Infosys, Nandan Nilekani said, “I think, we should not practise reverse discrimination as well.”

Although none of the founders’ children have worked for Infosys in the past 40 years, Murthy’s son Rohan Murty had a short stint at the company. Back in 2013, when Murthy was brought back to Infosys as Executive Chairman, he had bought his son along as his executive assistant. The father and son duo, however, had left the company in 2014.

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