David Draiman says rock is not dead, shares the list of thriving bands

Disturbed vocalist David Draiman’s return to Twitter has already given the rocker’s shout-outs to a couple of bands that he said give him hope for the future of rock music. Now the singer has taken it a step further with a list of four groups that he said proves rock is not dead.

In fact, on January 8, the rocker used his renewed Twitter presence to draw attention to the bands Motionless in White, Bring Me the Horizon, Nothing More and Bad Wolves. He indicated that the four thrive in rock.

“Anyone who tells you ‘rock is dead’ is clearly not paying attention,” Draiman said in his tweet. “See what @MIWband, @bmthofficial, @nothingmorerock and many others have done over the last few years. Young rock bands thrive. Who’s next?”

In a follow-up response, the singer added, “Can not forget it @badwolves. Breakthrough band over the last 5 years. Has been crazy to watch. “(See Draiman’s tweets at the bottom of this post.)

Days earlier, Draiman praised two acts of women. “New bands like [The Warning] and [Plush] give me hope, “he said.” Young powerful women who play real instruments and write and play songs that the whole rock genre can be proud of. “

The Warning is a trio of sisters Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra Villarreal. They got attention in 2021 for theirs May day EP plus a joint cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. Plush is a four-man band led by vocalist Moriah Formica. They enjoyed some buzz last year and will be touring with Slash next month.

This week, Draiman’s latest duet with Nita Strauss, “Dead Inside,” hit No. 1 on rock radio. Disturbed is working on a new album that Draiman says is “old school Disturbed.” The group, known for the 2000s “Down With the Sickness”, was last released Development in 2018.

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