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WILDWORKS PR and the Platform Group represent four World Premieres that take OCD, social anxiety,
and cringe relationship issues to the extreme, a special L.A. screening of
Slamdance’s Grand Jury Prize winner, and the West Coast Premiere
of an audience-favorite documentary 


World Premiere
Sara Friedman’s OCD and social anxiety-riddled comedy
Friday, June 23 at 7:15PM

Friday, June 23 at 7:15PM
World Premiere
TCL Chinese 6 Theatres


Following a mental breakdown, social anxiety and OCD-riddled Nora (Sara Friedman) returns to Maine to live with her emotionally distant parents (Sarah Clarke and Xander Berkeley). While she undergoes court-ordered psychiatric treatment, Nora’s world is further upended when she is assigned to volunteer at a local state park. Her awkward assignment actually shows promise when her anxiety subsides in the company of her new supervisor Dusty (Dave Register), who is dealing with crippling issues of his own. Maybe Nora and Dusty can help each other overcome the obstacles their socially complicated world presents to them.

Director/Writer:  Sara Friedman
Producer:    John Hermann
Executive Producers:   Matt Ratner, Sara Friedman
Editor:    Nick Wenger
Cinematographer:     Rose Fadem-Johnston               
Music:     Nick Sena
Cast:   Sara Friedman, Dave Register, Mike Mitchell,

Xander Berkeley, Sarah Clarke
Runtime:    98 min
Country:     USA


Linh Tran’s award-winning breakthrough drama
Wednesday, June 28 at 9:15PM

Wednesday, June 28 at 9:15PM
TCL Chinese 6 Theaters


Following its debut at the Heartland Film Festival, Linh Tran’s WAITING FOR THE LIGHT TO CHANGE took the Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Film at Slamdance in January. It has since followed with Best of Show and Best Professional Narrative Feature at the George Lindsey UNA FF, and a celebrated screening at the Chicago Critics Film Festival.

Best friends since high school, Kim and Amy haven’t seen each other since Amy moved to the west coast for grad school. Now the two are reunited as they join a group of friends for a trip to a lake house with Kim’s boyfriend, Jay. When Amy had left for the west coast, she was in love with Jay, though she never pursued it due to her insecurities thinking she was too fat and ugly. While she has changed physically, her feelings for Jay haven’t, and the reunion has brought them back to the surface. That maelstrom of emotions within her is poised to reveal itself at any moment as the group’s struggles to find something to do in the empty little beach town turns into an unsuccessful effort by all of them to sort through attractions to each other, as well as suppress old resentments, jealousies and desires before they leave.

Director:      Linh Tran
Writers:        Linh Tran, Jewells Santos, Delia Van Praag
Producers:    Jake Rotger, Sam Straley, Jewells Santos
Executive Producer:   James Choi
Editor:     Elijah Gray
Cinematographer:    David Foy                          
Cast:    Erik Barrientos, Qun Chi, Joyce Ha, Jin Park, Sam Straley
Runtime:      89 min
Country:       USA


World Premiere
Justin Geldzahler’s film about the horror of feeling stuck
Thursday, June 29 at 9:30PM

Thursday, June 29 at 9:30PM
World Premiere
TCL Chinese 6 Theatres


KJ and Dan are struggling to communicate. A few years into a strained relationship, the couple takes a weekend trip to a friend’s cabin to recapture their romance… only to find a dying-but-not-quite-dead mouse stuck to a glue trap. They disagree about how to handle, KJ advocating for a swift death while Dan proposes making the mouse’s last moments as pleasant as possible. The couple compromises and moves on, slowly finding their way back to each other in this idyllic setting. Unfortunately, their serenity is broken by a small woman who can be charitably described as “eccentric” – she’s their friend’s sister and had no idea anyone was staying at the family cabin. No problem if she crashes, right? As the couple struggles to juggle this interloper on top of their already tense dynamic, KJ and Dan begin to worry this obnoxious third wheel may threaten more than their relationship…

Director/Writer:   Justin Geldzahler
Producer:    Christopher Fox, Justin Geldzahler, Norris Guncheon
Executive Producer:    Sara McFarlane
Editor:    Norris Guncheon
Cinematographer:    Christopher Fox                          
Music:    Erik Larsen

Music Supervisor:   Taylor Rowley
Cast:   Brittany Bradford, Isaac W. Jay, Gloria Bangiola,

Alex Warheit, Caroline Hertz, Kasey Marr
Runtime:     89 min
Country:      USA


West Coast Premiere
Alexander Jeffery’s award-winning documentary about a 
mother and family rallying around their autistic son and brother
Saturday, July 1 at 2:45PM

Saturday, July 1 at 2:45PM
West Coast Premiere
TCL Chinese 6 Theatres


When Beth’s son Evan James was diagnosed with Autism in the early 90s, treatment options were limited. Doctors offered no practical advice for daily living and advised Beth to limit his social interactions. Rejecting these notions, Beth sets out to provide her son with a life filled with purpose and friendship. This heartfelt film is a sweet testament to the power of love and community by profiling a determined mom advocating for her son.

Director/Writer:    Alexander Jeffery
Producers:     Paul Petersen, Alexander Jeffery
Executive Producers:    Paul Burns, Beth James Burns
Editors:      Alexander Jeffery, JC Doler, Paul Petersen
Cinematographer:     Alexander Jeffery                      
Music:     David von Kampen
Runtime:      86 min
Country:       USA



BIBI World Premieres at
Dances With Films

Christopher Beatty’s psychological thriller about what a parent will do to protect loved ones has its World Premiere
with an in-person screening at Dances With Films.

Thursday, June 29 th at 7:15PM
World Coast Premiere
TCL Chinese Theatre


In this psychological thriller, Vivian Ashwood (Elizabeth Paige, Modern Love) is failing to cope after a tragic loss. Struggling to raise her daughter Bibi (Judith Ann DiMinni), she turns to prescription drugs and alcohol to soothe her anxieties and depression. Soon, the lines begin to blur between Vivian’s routine nightmare and her reality. A strange man begins stalking Vivian, causing her to unravel even further. Bibi, also devastated by the loss of her sister and upset at Vivian for not protecting them both, only makes Vivian more unsure of the truth. After continuous torment, Vivian searches for a way to protect herself and Bibi from the stalker by whatever means necessary.

Bibi Productions presents BIBI

Running Time 95 minutes;

Aspect Ratio: 2:39:1;

Dolby Stereo 

Writer/Director: Christopher Beatty

Producers: Christopher Beatty; Logan Hunter; Eddie Micallef; Glen Trotiner

Executive Producers: Jaime Badaan; Jack Doyle; Robert Stanton
Composer: John Paesano Cinematographer: John W Rutland
Editor: Benjamin J Murray Casting Director: Stephanie Holbrook


 KATIE’S MOM World Premieres at
Dances With Films

Tyrrell Shaffner’s feature film KATIE’S MOM is a “right-of-passage,” heartfelt comedy influenced by THE GRADUATE but told from the perspective of a protagonist inspired by Mrs. Robinson!

Sunday, July 2 at 2:45PM
World Coast Premiere
TCL Chinese Theatre


KATIE’S MOM is a heartfelt comedy influenced by THE GRADUATE but told from the perspective of a protagonist inspired by Mrs. Robinson. Set in modern-day Pasadena, California, KATIE’S MOM Mom” is about Nancy Rosenfeld (Dina Meyer (DETECTIVE KNIGHT; STARSHIP TROOPERS, SAW)), a nurturing mom and recent divorcée, whose beloved Jewish/Christmas mashup holiday celebration with her adult children is derailed when she falls for Alex Rojas (Aaron Dominguez (Only Murders in the Building)), her daughter’s charming new boyfriend. Their electrifying affair upends her status quo and sets her on a path to becoming the woman she was meant to be.

Ex Files Productions presents KATIE’S MOM

Running Time 111 minutes;

Aspect Ratio: 2:39:1;

Dolby Stereo

Director: Tyrrell Shaffner

Writers: Meryl Branch-McTiernan and Tyrrell Shaffner
Producers: Tyrrell Shaffner; Meryl Branch-McTiernan; Corey Moss

Executive Producers: Sandy Cleary; Dina Meyer; Kristin T. Higgins; Jimmy V; Milan Chakraborty; Sanjay Sharma
Editor: Daniel Martins Production Design: David Dreyer

Composer: Alex Shenkman Cinematographer: Aakash Raj

Casting: Kara Sullivan, C.S.A. Costumes by Cocoa Rigal


Stay tuned for more on these exciting films premiering at the upcoming Dances With Films!