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‘Daily Show’ Guest Hasan Minhaj Shows How To Spot A ‘Dips**t’ Trying To Scam You

“Daily Show” guest host Hasan Minhaj is enraged by the latest batch of grifters ― and not just because of the scams they operate.

It’s because of how stupid they are.

“The truth is, the grifters of our age are fucking morons,” he said. “Just absolute dipshits. Soft-brained Neanderthals. And that’s the part that bothers me so much.”

He said much of the swindling takes place on social media by “clout-chasing sociopaths” who enrich themselves on crypto scams and pump-and-dump stock schemes while ordinary investors are left holding the bag.

He explained who the players are, how they operate, how to spot them and where to report them, on Thursday night’s “Daily Show”:

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