Cyclist injured in hit and run crash with car in Wandsworth

A cyclist and car driver crashed in Wandsworth earlier this afternoon.

Police and emergency services were called to a crash between a cyclist and a driver just after 1pm today on Roehampton Lane, at the junction with Danebury Avenue.

Officers say the car did not stop at the scene and investigations are ongoing.

A road closure was in place on the road but has since reopened. A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

Wandsworth police said: “Police and LAS were called to a road traffic collision between a cyclist and a driver at around 13:06 on Roehampton Lane.

“The driver of the car reportedly failed to stop.

“A road closure is in place on Roehampton Lane, junction with Danebury Avenue.

“Investigation is ongoing.

“The road has now been reopened.

“The injuries are not believed to be life changing or life threatening.”

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