If you are a fan of art, and watch YouTubers who make over dolls or other models, then the concept of using clay and thermoplastic will not be new to you.

After all, thermoplastics have been used in the creation of well-known dolls for a long time now. In fact, if you own a Barbie doll, chances are that the shoes that she came with are made from thermoplastics.

So, how can you incorporate this versatile and lightweight material into larger projects, like a cosplay outfit? Here are some fun ideas to try out.


If you are going to be wearing armor as part of your cosplay outfit, then you may be concerned about the outfit being too heavy. Many cosplay supplies online that you can buy will offer lightweight armor. However, this often requires heavy modification with paints and powders to make it look realistic. If you use thermoplastic, you will have the ability to mold it into the desired shape for your armor and then allow it to cool and harden. When it is flexible, you can even apply additional templates to it to give it a more textured look, which will carry over when it cools, creating a more realistic texture.

Mask Base

Not all masks are lightweight, and if you are going to be making a particularly ambitious mask, it will need as much support as it can get. The thermoplastic material can be molded to fit the wearer’s head and can be covered with other materials, such as foam and fabric. As well as this, it can be a flexible base for a helmet as well, which is lightweight and will look realistic when painted.


What makes a costume striking is the details that are put into it, and when you are using thermoplastic, there is seemingly nothing you can’t do!

They can be used to add various shapes and designs that are attached to any costume with adhesives and glues, as well as being molded into pellets or beads, which are lightweight and will not be difficult to paint. So, it is a versatile material if there ever was one!


If using leather straps is out of your budget and you are going to be wearing armor or large wings, then you will want a cheaper option, which will look good and offer structural support. Again, this is where thermoplastics come in. They can be cut and molded to fit you perfectly and also offer support that you would not gain with cheaper materials.


Finally, another benefit of using thermoplastics when you are designing your cosplay outfit is that it allows you the opportunity to create unique props, which you may not be able to get online. For example, if you are going as Harley Quinn from the original Batman animated series, you could use thermoplastic to create her trademark oversized hammer or mallet, which will be lightweight and will also look amazing if painted. So, get researching props for your outfit and start drawing up the templates!