‘Cobra Kai’ tops Netflix’s top 10 list with 120 million. timer set – deadline

The fourth season of Cobra Kai kicked into Netflix’s weekly top ten list.

Karate Kid spinoff, who was originally a YouTube original before moving to Netflix with season three, launched his fourth season on December 31st, garnering over $ 120 million. hours seen during its first week. It also helped the first season score an additional 13.5 million hours on the streamer.

To put the numbers in context, second season of The Witcher was seen for 142 million hours in its first week, Disappeared in space snatched 47M hours on return and True story recorded 48.9 million hours at launch.

In second place last week, The Witcher continued its role with 94 million hours seen by its second season, while the first season of the fantasy drama series received an additional 42.9 million hours of viewing.

Emily and Paris’ second season was watched in 92 million hours, adding to the 107 million hours seen last week, with its first season also snatching another 25 million hours.

British drama series Stay close killed 31.3 million hours on the service while season six of Queer Eye matched 14.4 million. timer.

Document series were popular in the period – ran from December 27 to January 2 – with Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer admission of 13.1 million. hours and WWII in Color: Road to Victory gets 12.7 million hours.

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