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Clarins Cryo Flash Cream Mask Review

When it comes to ‘flash’ masks, Clarins were leaders when they launched the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm back in the day. So I was very excited to try out their newest innovation, the Clarins Cryo Flash Cream Mask. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Clarins Cryo Flash Cream Mask?

Clarins Cryo Flash Cream Mask
Clarins Cryo Flash Cream Mask
  • Inspired by cryotherapy
  • Icy-cold, gel-cream mask
  • Designed to deliver a visible lift effect in 10 minutes
  • It reproduces the benefits of cold on the skin to prevent and fight the signs of ageing
  • The temperature of the skin is safely lowered by 4°C (twice as cold as traditional cryotherapy facial treatment tools)
  • Combines powerful active ingredients powered by Clarins’ Cryo-Starter Technology (a dual molecular and plant technology capable of reproducing the mechanisms of cold on the skin)
  • Blue-green cream texture provides an intense and immediate cryotherapy effect
  • Suitable for normal, oily, combination and dry skin types

Key Ingredients

M.G.A. molecule derived from menthol and organic evening primrose extract: dramatically cools the skin to deliver an instant visible lift effect, helps minimise the appearance of pores, and boosts skin’s radiance while delivering 24-hour hydration.

Horse chestnut – boosts radiance

Edelweiss – provides powerful anti-oxidant protection

Quinoa – boosts hydration


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My Review

I have to say, I am quite a fan of this mask. I was slightly hesitant when I read the part about the cryo effect coming from a derivative of methol, because I always associate menthol with toothpaste rather than face masks, but it really is lovely to use. I think if you have sensitive skin, you may not like the menthol ingredient.

Cryotherapy is a very interesting topic to me, but I’ve never really experienced it without actually using cold tools or masks that come out of the freezer like the Charlotte Tilbury one. Or by standing in a cryotherapy chamber half naked! However, this is a cream mask, that is designed to be left on the skin once the treatment period is over.

Clarins Cryo Flash Cream Mask texture
Clarins Cryo Flash Cream Mask texture

You can instantly feel the cooling effect as it makes contact with the skin. It gives a slight tingle but it still feels quite gentle on my skin. You can almost feel cold air on your skin and it is really very refreshing.

The technology in this mask is pretty advanced. It works to cool the skin by -4°C, which then triggers what Clarins are calling a spontaneous calcium flash. This means that a shot of calcium is sent into the each keratinocyte cell which works to renew the epidermis from within and boosts the barrier function.

You can really feels the skin cooling down throughout the 10 minute treatment time. After the 10 minutes is down, I massage the mask into my skin, and then tissue off the excess.

The cooling sensation lasts and lasts. In fact, it’s hard to say how long but I was surprised how cool my skin felt for quite a long time after every time I have used it. It would be great if you’re having a hot flush or are in a warm climate and really need to feel cooler and refreshed.

The mask itself is super hydrating and nourishing. It contains Glycerin which is one of my favourite ingredients and you can really feel the benefits of that post treatment.

Clarins Cryo Flash Cream Mask Review
Clarins Cryo Flash Cream Mask Review

I think it has a lovely de-puffing effect on the skin, so it would be great if you’re feeling a bit puffy for whatever reason. A great mask for a hangover?!

Most recently, I actually used it after a 15 minute steam session with my Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Pro Facial Steamer and I love the decongesting action of the steam, followed by the cooling action of the Clarins Cryo Flash Cream Mask.

Also, I have found that it works really nicely before LED masking. If the mask reddens the skin at all due the cooling action, LED is great for soothing and reducing any redness. Read, CurrentBody LED Mask Review.

It says it’s suitable for normal, oily, combination and dry skin types, however, with the inclusion of Menthol, sensitives skin may not get on so well.

Where to buy the Clarins Cryo Flash Cream Mask

The mask is available now for £53 via the links below: