After a sleep expert’s video went viral, his recommendations for the best two sleeping positions to aid posture have been backed up by a chiropractor.

James Leinhardt, the Chief Sleep Posture Expert at Levitex, a company specializing in pillows designed to optimize sleep, explained in a viral TikTok video that there are only two positions he recommends people should sleep in—the “dreamer” or the “soldier” positions. And chiropractor Grant Radermacher agrees that these positions are best for the spine.

Speaking to Newsweek, Leinhardt, from Manchester in the U.K., explained: “The first position I recommend is the dreamer, aka semi-fetal side lying with a pillow between your knees and ankles.

“Optimized sleeping puts the least amount of tension through your spine, with no twists or bends while you sleep. That means that the muscles around [the pillow] don’t have to work and get a chance to recover and rest.”

James Leinhardt shares his recommendations for sleeping positions. A chiropractor has backed Leinhardt’s claims about the best sleeping positions for posture.

Sleeping in the dreamer position can “optimize your sleep posture,” according to Leinhardt, which means people often wake up feeling well-rested rather than lethargic and achy.

If side-sleeping doesn’t cut it, the second position that he suggests is the solider, which is lying flat on your back.

“The solider is optimized back sleeping, with a pillow under your knees,” he continued. “Your spine is immediately supported by the mattress, and it provides the most even body weight distribution out of all the positions, while still allowing you to optimize your sleep posture.”

The video of “the magic two sleeping positions” was shared on the Levitex TikTok account on July 24 and it’s already been viewed more than 2.2 million times and received over 55,300 likes. Leinhardt hopes to show more people how simply changing to a new sleeping position can have a significant impact.

“I’m a big advocate for optimizing the quality of your sleep, rather than the quantity, which many of us have little control over,” he explained. “Some people are swapping to side or back sleeping and they’re enjoying the benefits in the form of waking up with significantly reduced pain.”

Radermacher, from Ascent Chiropractic in Brookfield, Wisconsin, agrees that the soldier or the dreamer are best for the spine. He explained that both positions are “much better for your body than stomach sleeping.”

The chiropractor told Newsweek: “Sleeping on your back is generally considered the ideal sleeping position because it minimizes the amount of twisting and anterior tilt being put into your spine and pelvis.

“Propping a pillow or foam wedge under your knees and lower buttocks also helps keep your pelvis in a neutral position, allowing the muscles in the lower back to relax. Aim to keep your knees and thighs elevated two or three inches above your sleeping surface.”

Using a pillow while sleeping on your side can help to improve posture, but Radermacher adds that the pillow’s size and placement “are crucial.” It should be small enough so that it doesn’t feel bulky or awkward, but big enough to prevent you rolling onto your front.

The viral TikTok video has already attracted more than 600 comments at the time of writing, with many social media users sharing the problems they often experience when trying to find the perfect sleeping position.

One TikToker commented: “I get sleep paralysis if I sleep on my back.”

Another person responded: “I always start out in either of these positions. Never wake up how I start.”

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