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CHIME22: Get Rid of ‘Old-School Thinking’ to Address Staff Shortages in Healthcare

Staffing shortages and clinician burnout continue to be top challenges for healthcare organizations across the country. Earlier this year, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy even issued an advisory about the critical need to address burnout among healthcare workers.

Dr. Stephanie Lahr, CIO and chief medical information officer of South Dakota-based Monument Health, and Frederick Holston, director of healthcare at Sirius, a CDW company, discussed possible solutions to the crisis through automation and culture change during a session at the CHIME22 Fall Forum.

“We have been throwing money around and adding people ineffectively for decades,” Lahr said. “Let’s take a leap of faith and try a different tactic. The money is already being spent.”

Lahr, who deployed Artisight at her organization as part of patient room and clinical workflow modernization efforts, encouraged conference attendees to think of new ways to find workforce efficiencies.

“We’ve been collecting the data and doing the work on the backs of our clinical caregivers at the bedside, in our clinics, in our hospital setting, in our ambulatory setting, in all those locations. We’ve been doing this on their backs for all this time, and we have to stop. It’s part of what’s driving the burnout,” she said.

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