Chef Carlo Scotto on his new London restaurant Amethyst

Amethyst sounds like a much more ambitious restaurant than Xier, is that the case?
This has been over two years in the making. Like Xier, my focus is on fine dining tasting menus and the team and I have worked hard on the dishes ahead of the launch. At the center of Amethyst is a 21 seat chef’s table, which spans the whole of the ground floor and is right by the kitchen, where the menu is a 12-course tasting menu. I want to take diners on a culinary journey based on my own travels and my menu is very ambitious, with a real mix of flavors and cuisines in every dish.

Where did the idea for the concept come from?
I’ve always wanted to create a unique dining experience where I can take my diners on a journey in an elegant and calming space. Amethyst is inspired by my trips across the world and the flavors and techniques I’ve learned along the way. I’m really proud of what we have achieved. And as for the name, my birthstone is an Amethyst.

The menu features Nordic, Japanese, French and Arabic flavor profiles, which are all very distinct. How do you go about marrying them together successfully in a fine-dining setting?
I love experimenting with different flavors and have been working hard with my team to create a menu which encompasses all the ingredients I love. Marrying all the flavor profiles takes diners on a multi-sensory dining experience. Every individual and curated dish is part of the experience where different cuisines are playing part. I hope diners will feel that a piece of a country has been brought to them at their table.

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