Chase Silseth hit in head during Mets game in scary scene

One of the wackier plays a baseball fan can see became one of the scarier ones.

Angels pitcher Chase Silseth was removed from Saturday’s game at Citi Field against the Mets after he was struck in the back of the head by a throw.

There was no immediate update on Silseth, who was face down on the grass for several minutes and appeared to be in severe pain.

The fourth-inning play began with groans from the crowd: With Jeff McNeil on first, Francisco Lindor on second and Daniel Vogelbach at bat, McNeil took off for second base on a steal attempt as Lindor remained at second.

Angels catcher Logan O’Hoppe appeared to believe McNeil would return to first, so he threw to first, thus allowing Lindor to try to nab third base.

First baseman Trey Cabbage threw across the diamond but hit Silseth, who was scrambling to try to back up third base.

Trey Cabbage throw, Chase Silseth
First baseman Trey Cabbage threw the ball that hit Chase Silseth in the head.

The ball caromed into foul territory, enabling Lindor to score and McNeil to reach third, but Silseth’s health became the greatest concern.

He took a few steps after being beaned, then collapsed onto the grass and writhed for several minutes.

Chase Silseth
Chase Silseth laid face down on the grass for several minutes as his Angels teammates came to check on him.

Chase Silseth
Chase Silseth looked to be in severe pain after the ball hit him.
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The 23-year-old Silseth was able to walk off the field with some help.

Reliever Aaron Loup replaced him on the mound.