Bryony and Nicola – Sweating with Tom Hiddleston, Eating With a Donkey and Our Beauty Picks

It felt so good to be reunited with Bryony and my goodness did she make me laugh this week.

During the episode we talk about:

  • How to do the perfect roadside wee
  • The family picnic in a HIGHLY unsuitable place
  • Why my kids are getting confused about (my) female anatomy
  • Bryony’s night of extreme sweating in front of a plethora of A Listers
  • Excessive swimming pool inflatables and what you can do with them
  • Naked Attraction
  • Why you should never buy a bra from an Insta ad

and a whole lot more….

Beauty wise we’re covering brows, fragrance, beautiful bases and a mind blowingly good clay face mask.

Hope this episode brings a smile to your face xx