British father dies after fight in Magaluf nightclub as family accuses police and bouncers of ‘brutality’

A British medical marijuana entrepreneur has accused Mallorca police of “brutality” after his brother died following an incident at a Magaluf nightclub.

Tobias White, 35, was so severely injured after a visit to the nightclub that he was admitted to intensive care and placed in an induced coma.

His family made the decision to turn off his life support after doctors said Tobias was brain-dead.

His older brother Maximillan White told The Independent that his life has become like a nightmare, saying: “I feel like I have nothing now.”

Tobias was admitted to Son Llatzer Hospital for treatment


He said that his brother Tobias had been out with his son and friends on 25th July on the strip in Magaluf.

Tobias had put his brother’s son in a taxi home before returning to the club to retrieve his t-shirt.

“He realized he had left it at the club. He went back and stood with his girlfriend and had a drink and two security guards tried to eject him.

“The videos show that they handcuffed him, beat him, took him to another area and beat him again,” Maximillian said.

Maximillian (left) said his brother (right) was a victim of ‘police brutality’


Maximillian White (left) with his younger brother Tobias


Maximillian then claims that eight police officers arrived and sat on his brother while he was handcuffed.

“He was given two tranquilizers and they gave him a heart attack. On arrival at the hospital, the police told them it was an overdose so they didn’t treat him properly.

“Eight of them sat on him for 30 minutes and he had two heart attacks in the street. This is not a death, it is torture,” he said.

“If my brother hadn’t been accosted in such a brutal way and if the police hadn’t behaved with such brutality, he would have been home. The fact is, if he had had his tshirt on he would have been home,” Maximillian added.

The Civil Guard said that they “do not use such arrest techniques.”

Tobias White was on holiday with his family in Mallorca when he died


They said that Tobias had been in “an altercation with the security guards”, adding: “Tobias White was expelled from the establishment for refusing to wear his tshirt and his bad behaviour.”

They continued: “The Guardia Civil responded to a tip-off from the establishment’s private security. Tobias was in a state of aggression and resistance to authority and had to be given a painkiller which, together with the narcotic substances consumed by Tobias, resulted in him being taken to hospital.

“In the drug test, Tobias White tested positive for up to three substances, including cocaine and hash.”

Police claim Tobias was arrested after an ‘altercation’


Following his arrest Tobias was kept under police guard in hospital and his family claim they weren’t allowed to see him for three days.

Maximillian, who lives in Dubai but was also on holiday with his family in Mallorca, said he put on Tobias’s favorite song as they switched off his life support.

“I’m here with his children and they are asking where their dad is and I don’t know what to say,” he said. “I put Toby’s favorite song on, Somewhere Out There from An American Tail, it’s the one we used to sing at karaoke together. We pulled the machine out and it took him eight minutes to go.

“As a big brother it was my responsibility to look after my siblings. I feel like I’ve let my family down.”

Following his arrest Tobias was kept under police guard in hospital


Tobias’ family are calling for a full inquiry into the circumstances of his death.

They said in a statement: “We are struck with grief at the tragic and sudden loss of Tobias – beloved son, brother, father, uncle and friend. Tobias’ family will ensure that a full and thorough independent investigation is carried out into the circumstances of his death.

“Legal actions will be brought in Spain and in the UK. Those responsible for his injuries will be held to account.

“The police and medical practitioners will be asked for full transparency. No effort will be spared in achieving justice for Tobias. We thank you for all of your support.”

The nightclub has been contacted for comment.

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