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Britain supplies Ukraine with anti-tank weapons

The United Kingdom has begun sending anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, though Russia continues to deny allegations that it is preparing a pretext to invade the former Soviet republic.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told the House of Commons on Monday that the ministry would also send a “small number” of troops to help train Ukrainian forces in using the weapons, which he described as being of a defensive nature.

“Let me be clear: this support is for short-range and clearly defensive weapon capabilities,” Mr. Wallace, according to The Guardian newspaper. “They are not strategic weapons and do not pose a threat to Russia.”

British government officials declined to specify what type of anti-tank weapons were sent to Ukraine or how many, The Guardian reported.

On Friday, the White House and the Pentagon said Russia had already sent military and intelligence personnel into the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeastern Ukraine controlled by rebel forces to carry out acts of sabotage and blame Kiev for a “false flag” operation to create a pretext. . for an invasion.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has dismissed the allegations as “total misinformation”, the Associated Press reported.

Wallace withdrew from the Russians’ claims that NATO was seeking to threaten them by encouraging former Soviet republics to join the alliance.

“It is clear the Kremlin’s wish that we all engage in this false assertion instead of challenging the Russian president’s real agenda,” he wrote in a statement released Monday on the British government’s website.

The former Soviet countries, which are now members of NATO, joined at their own request, wrote Mr. Wallace.

“The Kremlin is trying to present NATO as a Western conspiracy to invade its territory, but in reality, the growth of alliance membership is the natural response of these states to their own malicious activities and threats,” he wrote.

Mr. Wallace said he has visited Ukraine five times since 2015 and its people will stand and fight for their country.

“Any invasion will not be seen as a ‘liberation’, but as an occupation, and I fear it could lead to a huge loss of human life on all sides,” he told the House of Commons.

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