Brazen thieves steal Hugo Boss gear worth thousands from Birmingham golf club shop

A gang of thieves brazenly walked into a Birmingham golf club’s pro shop, ‘picked up handfuls of luxury gear worth thousands and sauntered out in less than a minute’. The raid took place at Moor Hall Golf Club in Sutton Coldfield on Monday (April 4) when four ‘Covid mask-wearing shoplifters’ walked into the shop shortly before 5pm.

The venue claims the group walked past the shop counter and grabbed the shop’s Hugo Boss clothing – including polo shirts, gilets, jumpers and jackets. Some 30 items were said to have been taken with a retail value of around £ 5,000.

Club pro, Cameron Clark, says they were approached by staff member Alex but they threatened him to stay away and walked out. Images of the suspected thieves have been shared with BirminghamLive. . We have had to blur their faces for legal reasons.

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Mr Clark said the shop had just been revamped in a bid to attract customers and had the till placed in the center, rather than the corner, but he said the thieves were undeterred.

The 47-year-old told BirminghamLive: “It was around 4.40pm and I was upstairs and my staff member was downstairs. They drove up in a black Ford Fiesta and parked almost opposite the hotel car park, in the middle of the road.

“Four guys got out and walked into the shop and went to the Hugo Boss stuff. Alex went to approach them and he was told to back off. They picked up armfuls and went out. They also picked up some Glenmuir shirts but dropped them on the way out.

He continued: “I heard Alex shout for me. He was running after them and tried to keep the boot of the car up -but they drove off. I think they knew where the Hugo Boss stuff was. We have only just renovated the shop three weeks ago so it suggests they may have been in that time. All four of them went to the Hugo Boss corner. It took them less than a minute. ”

And the incident has hit Cameron hard saying it comes after a tough two years with Covid, which had seen visitors and sales decline, one of the reasons for changing the shop around and spending money on a revamp.

Moor Hall Golf Club pro Cameron Clark has said the raid at his pro shop has left him feeling ‘violated’

He said: “I work bloody hard and have been here nearly 19 years now. Something like this has never happened before. Some of the members feel violated by it. They feel under threat.

“It’s been an incredibly tough two years. Footfall has been down due to the pandemic. We spent a few thousand on renovating the shop and they come in and steal our most expensive gear.

“The way they were dressed and all with masks on did not look right. I feel violated by it. I’m very nervous about what might happen next. “

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He added: “It’s a nice area. These people are so blasé picking up stuff like that and walking out with it. The type of people doing this do not care. About what harm they are doing.

“Had there been younger kids in the shop at the time. It’s completely unacceptable .. It’s taken a bit away from what we have done here and made me think ‘is it all worth it. “

The raid has been posted on social media and has been shared hundreds of times. A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said: “We are investigating after clothing was stolen from Moor Hall Golf Club shop in Moor Hall Drive, Sutton Coldfield, on Monday (April 4)

“We understand four men entered the shop at about 4.45pm and stole a quantity of branded clothes. Anyone with information can contact us via Live Chat at, quoting investigation 20/355153/22, or call 101. ”

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