Boston Wastewater suggests an increase in Omicron cases may fall off – CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – For the third week in a row, the number of COVID-19 breakthrough cases in the state nearly doubled. On Saturday the number is more than 86,000 cases, back on Christmas day it was around 20,000. But Dr. Mark Siedner of Mass General Hospital said a peak in the case could be close.

“If you look around, especially in Massachusetts, there may be some very early signs that the highest of the peak in terms of reported cases is potentially behind us,” Siedner said.

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One of these signs is Boston’s wastewater. The tracking system suggests that the increase in omicron cases may fall off.

“If you take a closer look at the data, it was at its highest level about a week ago, and it’s almost halved in the last four to five days, so there are some early signs that at least that wave has reversed. a corner. “said Siedner.

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Although Dr. Siedner warned that even if cases begin to decline – a drop in hospitalizations and deaths tends to lag far behind. Residents we spoke to in Boston said peak or no peak, they have no plans to fail their guard at all.

“They see the trends and they have the data behind them, all we can do is act carefully and try to prevent as much as we can,” Nadia Torress said.

“We’re reaching the top, but we have to get back over it at the same time, so we still have to be vigilant,” Andrea Shellman said.

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Dr. Siedner adds that throughout the pandemic we have seen peaks come and go, but then also go up again, so despite what happens over the next few weeks, it is still important to take social distance, get vaccinated and be boosted.


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