Boris Johnson under pressure as second cabinet minister agrees law was broken over ‘partygate’

Boris Johnson yesterday refused to acknowledge that the law was broken over ‘partygate’ despite the Metropolitan Police issuing 20 fines.

However, Dominic Raab, the Justice Secretary, said it was “clear there were breaches of the law”.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the International Trade Secretary, this morning agreed with Mr Raab in a move which will put pressure on the PM’s position.

Ms Trevelyan initially refused to be drawn on the issue as she told Sky News: “So I am, always been the case I’d rather let the professionals get on and complete the work they are doing and then the Sue Gray report number two which will be able to put all the evidence that she gathered into the round and indeed for the Prime Minister to be able to come and talk to the House at that point. ”

But she was pushed repeatedly by presenter Kay Burley who later in the interview told the Cabinet minister that “20 instances of fines being issued means that 20 instances people have broken the law”.

Ms Trevelyan replied: “Well, that’s right, they have broken the regulations that were set in the Covid Act and the police deem that that was what they did and therefore they have been fined accordingly.”

Asked why Mr Johnson will not say the same thing, she said: “Because as I say he wants to wait until the whole process of the police review has been done.”

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