Boris Johnson praises return of pounds and ounces as ‘key success’ for Brexit

BORIS Johnson has hailed the plan to put the crown stamp back on the side of pint glass as a major success for Brexit in 2021.

In a press release issued to mark the “one-year anniversary of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement”, the UK government also cited the plan to bring pounds and ounces back into UK stores as a benefit of leaving the EU.

Under EU rules, the “Crown Stamp”, which indicated that pint or half pint was genuine, was replaced with a European mark of conformity, but EU law never prohibited the use of imperial measures along with metric.

The Prime Minister said his government’s actions showed that Britain was exploiting “the enormous potential that our new freedoms bring”.

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Other benefits of Brexit claimed by the Tory government included “taking back control of our borders”, “concluding new free trade agreements” and “ensuring the roll-out of the vaccine”.

Despite previous allegations from top figures from Tory, fact-checkers at the BBC, experts at the Institute for Government and the head of the UK’s drug regulator, MHRA, all confirmed that Brexit has not helped with the speed of vaccine rollout.

There has also been huge criticism of some of the free trade agreements the Johnson government has entered into, fearing that people with nations like Australia and New Zealand are at risk of wiping out Britain’s agricultural industry.

The Tory government further claimed that Brexit had seen Britain begin to “abolish bureaucracy and bureaucracy”. However, rule changes that came into force on 1 January 2022 have seen a huge increase in the amount of bureaucracy involved in trade with the EU.

Other benefits on the list included England’s move towards legalizing genetically modified food and additional “options” originally listed in a UK government publication published in September.

Looking ahead to 2022, the Prime Minister claimed that Britain would go “further and faster” to maximize the potential for Brexit.

He said: “A year ago today, we entered into our new relationship with the EU through the world’s largest free trade agreement with zero tariffs and zero quotas ever – the trade and cooperation agreement between the UK and the EU.

“It was only the beginning – our mission has since been to maximize the benefits of Brexit so that we can thrive as a modern, dynamic and independent country.

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“We have replaced free movement with a point-based immigration system. We have ensured the fastest vaccine rollout across Europe last year by avoiding sluggish EU processes. And from Singapore to Switzerland, we have negotiated ambitious free trade agreements to increase jobs and investment at home.

“But that’s not all. From simplifying the EU’s astonishingly complex beer and wine duties to proudly recreating the crown stamp on the side of pint glass, we are cutting back on EU bureaucracy and restoring our set of rules.

“The task is not over and we must keep up the pace. In the coming year, my government will go further and faster to fulfill the promise of Brexit and take advantage of the enormous potential that our new freedoms bring.”

The Prime Minister’s praise for Brexit’s “key successes” comes after the Scottish Government published a list outlining the “countless damages” that leaving the EU has caused to society.

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