Boris Johnson news – latest: No 10 rejects call for emergency cost of living budget

‘People will be going hungry’: Gordon Brown calls for urgent action on cost of living crisis’

Boris Johnson has rejected calls to introduce an emergency cost-of-living budget, reinstate regular Cobra meetings and recall parliament amid mouting pleas for urgent intervention.

Mr Johnson’s official spokesperson said such matters would instead be up to “a future prime minister to decide”, adding that the outgoing PM has “no plans” to sit down with leadership hopefuls Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak to discuss emergency measures.

It comes after former prime minister Gordon Brown claimed there was a “vacuum” at the center of government which has stopped it tackling the financial crisis bearing down on families.

The ex Labor leader told Good Morning Britain: “There’s got to be someone in charge. And it’s not just that they’re asleep at the wheel – there’s nobody at the wheel at the moment.”

And speaking on Sky News this morning, Mr Brown warned that children will be forced to attend school “ill-clad and undernourished” if the government does not act to support people before 1 September.


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Who are Don’t Pay UK and what do they do


Boris Johnson won’t act on cost of living crisis as he rejects pleas for emergency budget

Boris Johnson has rejected pleas to intervene on the cost of living crisis, refusing calls for an emergency budget, regular Cobra meetings and the recall of parliament.

Gordon Brown has warned that children will be forced to attend school “ill-clad and undernourished” if the government does not act now to support people through the inflation crisis.

But No 10 dismissed the former Labor prime minister’s demand for Cobra crisis meetings on the economy – saying it was up to “a future prime minister to decide whether or what measures are required”.

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Tax cuts won’t ‘fully solve’ cost of living crisis, admits top Liz Truss ally

Tax cuts promised by Conservative leader favorite Liz Truss will not “fully solve” the cost of living crisis, a senior ally had admitted.

Rishi Sunak has seized on Truss’s rejection of cost of living “handouts” – arguing her tax cuts “won’t touch the sides” for families on low incomes, amid growing calls for an emergency budget.

Truss backer Brandon Lewis, the former Northern Ireland secretary, conceded that her promised tax cuts would not on their own “fully solve” the spiraling living costs.


Dominic Raab’s proposal to change judicial reviews dubbed ‘chilling’ by torture survivors’ charity

Leaked proposals which suggest the government is considering changes that could limit ministers’ accountability in judicial reviews have been branded “chilling” by a torture survivors’ charity.

Tracy Doig, head of international advocacy at Freedom From Torture, said: “The Justice Secretary’s proposed reforms are the latest in a series of attacks on the rights of the public to hold the powerful to account.

“Efforts to curb the power of judges have nothing to do with ‘lefty’ or ‘righty’ lawyers but with the very centrality of the rule of law, which judges represent.

“The independence of the judiciary from government influence is a cornerstone of democracy in this country, based on hundreds of years of legal precedence.

“(Dominic) Raab’s chilling vision of a Government above the law is a threat to the rights that protect every one of us.”


Voters want government to get inflation under control before cutting tax, poll reveals

Two thirds of Britons think the government should prioritize tackling the soaring rate of inflation before introducing tax cuts, a poll has found.

Casting an unfavorable shadow over the plans of frontrunner Liz Truss, a YouGov poll found that 64 per cent of voters thought the next prime minister should first battle the rising cost of living, while 17 per cent favored tax cuts.

The poll for The Times appears to stand in stark contrast to the beliefs of Conservative Party members, who will elect the next British leader.


Martin Lewis calls for end of post-Brexit EU roaming rip-offs by mobile operators

UK mobile phone operators should be forced to make their rules around data roaming in the EU clearer, Martin Lewis has said.

Consumer group, led by consumer rights champion Mr Lewis, has called on telecoms regulator Ofcom and the government to tighten the rules after some post-Brexit consumer protections expired.

In a new report, Mr Lewis warned that because a range of legal obligations for operators around roaming ended on 30 June this year, firms no longer have to send customers a text message with pricing details when they start roaming; operate a monthly cap on data roaming fees; or provide protections against inadvertent roaming.

Read more on the report here:


Dowden says he has had no contact with Boris Johnson since resigning

Former Conservative Party co-chairman Oliver Dowden revealed he had not had any contact with Boris Johnson since his resignation in the wake of the two by-election defeats in June.

He said: “I hadn’t actually had any contact with Boris since my resignation, but perhaps that’s unsurprising.”

He added: “I’m sure we’ll speak to each other again once all this is through.”



September ‘too late’ to introduce emergency winter budget, says Brown

Gordon Brown said waiting until September to introduce an emergency budget to tackle the cost of living crisis will be “too late” for those facing “unpayable” bills in October.

The former prime minister told Good Morning Britain: “If you don’t act now, you cannot get the benefits to people by 1 October.

“If you wait until after the new prime minister is selected, that will be too late to get benefits to people by 1 October.


“It’s too late because people will be experiencing great hardship, an unbearable burden of unpaid bills in October.

“So that’s why I want Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson, they may disagree on things but they should get together, agree that they are in charge of delivering an emergency budget.

“Parliament should be recalled if necessary. We can let this crisis develop so that we have an emergency we cannot deal with properly in October.”


Nobody at the wheel amid the cost of living crisis, says Gordon Brown

Former prime minister Gordon Brown has claimed there is a “vacuum” at the center of government which has stopped it tackling the financial crisis bearing down on families.

The former Labor leader called Good Morning Britain: “There’s got to be someone in charge. And it’s not just that they’re asleep at the wheel – there’s nobody at the wheel at the moment.

“You’ve got Boris and his chancellor who have been on holiday, and then you’ve got the two leadership candidates on the campaign trail.

“What’s happening at the center of government is there is a vacuum and it’s got to be filled immediately if we’re going to protect people by October.

“I know from my own experience, you’ve got to act quickly to deal with the benefits and tax issues if you’re going to get the changes in by the time you want them to be in.”


Minister insists government not absent from economic crisis

The sports minister has batted away criticisms that key members of government are absent during an economic crisis.

It comes after it emerged that both the prime minister and chancellor were on holiday last week as the Bank of England raised interest rates from 1.25 per cent to 1.75 per cent.

Interviewed on Good Morning Britain, Nigel Huddleston said: “I wouldn’t say it’s in limbo actually, there’s still a lot of ministers still doing their job.

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“It’s summertime, a lot of the people are on holiday, a lot of people work very, very hard.”

Speaking from the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, he added: “There’s a lot of ministers doing their jobs, many of them have come and visited here, and met with dignitaries, supported trade and investment programmes, worked on foreign relations and so on.

“So there’s a lot of work going on.”

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