Bloodborne PSX Developer Making Bloodborne Kart

Lilith Waltherthe developer behind the Bloodborne PSX fan-made demake, announced Bloodborne Map is in development. This will be a Bloodbore racing game. There is no release window for it yet.

However, there are a few details. Walther shared a brief teaser video. It features a Hunter walking up to a motorcycle. Corwyn Prichard designed the logo for the fan-made game. Gianni Matragrano will be the announcer.

The Bloodborne PSX composer will return. Evelyn Lark shared the full track on YouTube.

This is not the first time Bloodborne Map came up. In addition to being a meme, Walther shared an April Fools’ 2021 video of the “project.” At the time, the joke was that the demake was canceled in favor of the racing game. That joke featured a look at the Pthumerian Cup.

As a reminder, the Bloodborne PSX demake project appeared back in January 2022. It offers a different take on exploring and fighting through Yharnam. Given the smaller scale, it is not a complete recreation. However, it does still offer quests and 10 weapons to use. keyboard and controller compatibility are available. There are also cheats. All of the builds can be downloaded for free.

Bloodborne Map is in development. Bloodborne PSX is available for PCs.

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