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Black Model Goes Viral After Nose Job Left Her Looking Different

A Black model has gone viral after a nose job left her looking like a completely different person after having undergone a forehead reduction surgery back in 2021.

Camilla Coleman Brooks says she spent $20,000 on the rhinoplasty, which her fans were largely conflicted on, but she appears to be satisfied with the results.

Black Model Criticized For Nose Job Surgery: “I Don’t Regret It… This Is What I Wanted”

The mother-of-two posted several TikTok videos showing the before and after following her nose job, clips of which have garnered over three million views as of Monday.

She says “yes (my nose is) bigger, (But) that’s what I wanted, (and) no, I don’t regret it.”

“To answer the main repetitive questions.. yes (my nose is) bigger. That’s what I wanted. No, I don’t regret it. I’m 1000000% happy with my results,” Brooks wrote. “Why? Because I wanted it. Duh I didn’t need it. It’s cosmetic surgery. everyone keeps saying omg you had a cute button nose well guess what! I didn’t want a damn button nose. Alright thnx for watching. Hope you love ur nose more than I loved mine xoxo.”


Yes, I do hate myself #rhinoplasty #dcfrhinoplasty #ethnicrhinoplasty

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Many of her 477,700 TikTok followers – along with social media at large, criticized Brooks for undergoing cosmetic surgery when she was already beautiful to begin with. However, Brooks’ was rather defensive when replying to various hate comments.

“Yes, I do hate myself,” the model quipped in a TikTok video. “But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I haven’t gotten a hate comment from someone hotter than me.

Model Featured In Guess Jeans Ad Faces Widespread Backlash Over Her Cosmetic Surgery

The 28-year-old, who has been featured in such ad campaigns as Guess Jeans, faced widespread backlash over her cosmetic surgery.

“That’s why you need a nose job, probably half your body made in an hospital, and on top of that you’re wearing makeup” one person commented. “What was wrong with it before? 😳 It was perfect,” another wrote.

“Now you look like everybody else,” a third commenter said. “TO FIX WHAT? Ur nose was literally beautiful 🌚” another follower asked, to which Brooks’ replied with “added definition.”


Replying to @ajiajbwbwbbwcgw #greenscreen

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Supporters Come To Brooks’ Defense: “Girl Trust It Looks So Natural And So Good”

Not everyone was so negative about her most recent plastic surgery, with many supporting Brooks’ decision to go through with it, saying she looked beautiful before and after the procedure.

“Girl you’re gorgeous 😍” one supporter wrote.

“Girl trust it looks so natural and so good,” a second commented.

Last week, Brooks’ commented on one of the videos saying: “FWIW, my daughter has the same nose and she’s black. Also I used black girls who didn’t have surgery as my reference photos to my doctor.”

“Also, it’s still swollen af. I’ll post updates,” Brooks updated her followers after the surgery.

Rhinoplasty Follows Forehead Reduction Surgery After Feeling Self-Conscious About It For Ten Years

In 2021, Brooks had also gone viral after receiving a forehead reduction surgery. She says she hid her big forehead underneath a fringe prior to the procedure, and spent $6,958 on a surgery to reduce it by 3 centimeters, according to the Daily Mail.

Brooks, from North Carolina, spent years with a fringe to disguise and cover up her 8.5 centimeter forehead. For comparison, the average female forehead size is around 6 centimeters in the US.

At the time, she says she decided to go ahead with the forehead reduction surgery, claiming she has always disliked the way her forehead looked, which kept her feeling self-conscious over the last ten years.

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