Birmingham’s favorite nightclub from the past – decided by you

The best of mates, the cheapest of drinks, the stickiest of floors. Birmingham loves a good club, and they’ve got a whole host of reasons for loving them too.

Long after the lights have turned off for the last time, and the club is knocked down, turned into flats, or left in darkness, people still remember the best nights of their lives there. Just strolling up the street where they used to be is enough to get you a bit giddy.

Last week we asked you to fill in our survey, and decide on Brum’s best nightclub of the past. You also gave us your favorite memories from the city’s clubland institutions, big and small, and they were wonderful to read.

Apart from the ones about the toilets. If walls could speak …

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Most popular – Dome

A surprise winner? Top spot was taken at the Dome, the vast nightclub on Bristol Street currently in business as the O2 Academy.

With mass appeal, room for everyone, and a distinctive interior, it’s not surprising that so many of you loved a night at the Dome. Birmingham’s sons and daughters still go there today for club nights and gigs, so the tradition is alive even if the name is not.

Familiar sights.

One voter summed up the Dome well. “Walking into the main room hearing an absolute banger, seeing the big glitter ball, grabbing a load of 50p drinks to take to your spot on the balcony and boom! The night begins! Best memories of my teenage years!”

“Always friendly, good music, lots of space to dance, really good laughs!”, Said another. “So many bars, friendly staff, amazing lighting, always guaranteed an amazing night”, says another commenter.

Plenty of you even found true love in the dark halls of the Dome, punctuated by streams of light. “Loved the Dome, went clubbing here most weeks from 1990 when it was the original Dome and also met my husband here in the 90s and we are still together now.”

“Last month was the 30th anniversary of when I met my now wife at the Dome! Went to Wimpy after and exchanged phone numbers,” goes one love story. “I met my partner of 24 years in The Dome …. I used to love being plucked from the crowd to be in the Party Posse ?? We saw Sonique one Friday night. Many memories made in there”, goes another.

It was so good that a few of you used dirty tricks to get in. “When I use to go to the Dome I use to tell them I worked at the Hippodrome as staff use to get free entry. It was my mom who worked there not me lol” – absolutely criminal.

The Dome – your top club of the past. Long may the memories continue.

Runners-up – old Snobs, Edwards No.8

The silver and bronze medals went to the old Snobs and Edwards No.8 respectively. Fine choices that reflect Birmingham’s musical diversity.

The veteran that is Snobs is always in the conversation for Birmingham’s best club. It’s still going strong on Smallbrook Queensway, but people have real fond memories of the old spot on Paradise Circus.

“The sticky dance floor, cheap drinks, banging tunes and great atmosphere! Wednesday nights at Snobs was the best !!”, said one voter. All the ingredients of a great club.

“Magical 18th birthday 38 years ago .. the music the staff oh such good times”, says another. “The faces on the wall and sticking to floor” – we’re starting to notice a theme here.

“The indie room and snakebite and black for 50p !!”, says one voter. 50p – sure, it’s snakebite, but today’s prices are criminal by comparison.

Then-manager Arron Whan outside Birmingham's premier rock club in 2000.
Then-manager Arron Whan outside Birmingham’s premier rock club in 2000.

Over in third place was Edwards No.8, one of Birmingham’s great many offerings for the alternative crowd of the past. We’m still waiting for a true, blockbuster successor to Brum’s famous rock club after it went down in flames in 2006 – though Eddies live on spiritually at club nights.

“So many fab nights out & never once any trouble”, said one voter. “Great music great people fun safe environment not too bad prices either”, said another – rockers look after each other.

“Saw nirvana and Tad live on stage on the same night at Edwards no8 .. say no more” – two grunge legends sharing a stage, what a night that must have been!

This was one of Eddie Fewtrell’s clubs, who passed this year but was responsible for so many of Birmingham’s good memories. No doubt he’d be pleased to hear some of this.

What memories do you have to add to these tales of three of Birmingham’s best clubs? Comment below, and join our Facebook nostalgia group.

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