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Birmingham to host the Miss England beauty pageant this weekend

Beauty queens will be flocking to Birmingham this weekend for the Miss England competition.

Birmingham is set to host this year’s Miss England beauty pageant final which is due to commence this weekend.

Beauty queens will flock to the city in hopes of being crowned this year’s Miss England – with the chance to go on and represent the country at Miss World.

The Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport is setting the stage for the final of the Miss England competition. But contestants have already taken part in numerous rounds including a sports round, talent show, hair styling, beach beauty and a bare-faced round – which involved the contestants appearing in a catwalk show with no makeup.

The Miss England beauty pageant is taking place in Birmingham this weekend

Amongst the lineup will be a mechanic, a paramedic, three nurses and a doctor, a lorry driver, a chess champion, an Afghan refugee and a rocket scientist. And many of the contestants are using the Miss England platform to promote charitable causes and research into medical conditions.

Beauty queen, Emily Harrison from the West Midlands lives with the trauma of CVS Syndrome, India Fenwick from Northumberland has suffered from blindness in one eye and Jennifer Carless from East Yorkshire has Fowler’s Syndrome and has to wear a catheter. Miss England is the only beauty pageant in the country that has the opportunity to send the winner on to Miss World.

If you want to get involved, you can download the Miss England app to find out more about each beauty queen, and vote for your favourite.

How to download the Miss England App

Visit the Miss England website to find out more about the app. Or search Miss England in your iOS or Android app store.

Where the Miss England pageant is being held in Birmingham

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