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Billy Bush, No Stranger to Scandal, Hopes T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach Are Back Working Together Soon

Last week, Radar Online reported that ABC News staffers have eliminated all traces of former Good Morning America hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes from their offices. The couple, whose romantic relationship became public a few months ago, were terminated from their roles at GMA back in January, and it would appear that their existence is being scrubbed from their former workplace, with one source inside the company even saying, “Staffers are encouraged to never mention their names again.”

One person who disagrees with this level of erasure is Extra host Billy Bush, who is throwing his support behind Robach and Holmes, and hopes the duo finds work together elsewhere.

Speaking to TMZ, Bush said that he feels the couple’s rapport would make for a great show or podcast that he thinks they should continue to host together.

“They should work together, I think they’d do a great job. I think their show was poppin’… I think they do a podcast together or something or something great and lead it into another show,” he said, adding, “They’ve got something that works.”

That show won’t be at ABC, though. An insider told Radar that Holmes and Robach “aren’t done with television and remain confident another network or cable channel will see the value in their undeniable chemistry,” while another stated, “Amy knows where her friends are — and neither she nor T.J. have any left at GMA.”

The TMZ reporter asked Bush, “So you think they’ll find their way back then?” to which he replied, “Yeah, I think everybody should find their way back.”

Bush has found his way back from multiple scandals himself, including one where he made sexual comments about Kendall Jenner’s Halloween costume on a hot mic, and, perhaps most infamously, an incident in 2005 when he was caught on a hot mic laughing Donald Trump‘s comments about grabbing women by the pussy.

When the TMZ reporter asked Bush if he’s learned his lesson with hot mics and plans to change the way he speaks when he’s mic’d up, he replied, “No. I’m gonna be me and do what I do,” before adding that anyone who leaks such footage is “the loser.”

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