Bill Cosby accuses Judy Huth recounts alleged Playboy Mansion assault

SANTA MONICA, Ca. – A woman who claims Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager cried on the stand Tuesday while describing how the then-beloved comedian “put his hands down my pants.”

Judy Huth, now 64, broke down while testifying in her civil lawsuit against the 84-year-old former funnyman, who she alleges molested her at the Playboy Mansion when she was just 16.

“Mr. Cosby was sitting on the bed, ”Huth said, in tears, about the alleged 1975 incident. “He wanted me to sit next to him. I was scared. He tried to lean me back. He put his hands down my pants where my high-waisted pants were, below my belly button.

“I was freaking out,” Huth continued. “I told him I was on my period.”

The trial in the Santa Monica Courthouse is happening nearly a year after Cosby was released from prison when a Pennsylvania appeals court tossed out his criminal sexual assault conviction.

Several other lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct against Cosby were later settled by his insurer against his will.

Judy Huth arrives in court on June 7, 2022 in Santa Monica, California.
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Huth’s suit, which was first filed in 2014, is one of the last remaining legal claims against the disgraced comedian – who is legally blind, has not been present in court due to health issues and COVID-19 concerns.

Huth briefly took the stand late Monday, describing how she and a friend met Cosby at Lacy Park in San Marino, Calif., Where he was filming the movie “Let’s Do It Again” with Sidney Poitier in the spring of 1975.

A few days later, she said, the girls met up with Cosby and he gave her beer during a game of pool and later took them to the Playboy Mansion.

Huth on Tuesday, went into graphic detail about the alleged assault that followed.

Her lawyer, Nathan Goldberg, asked Huth how Cosby had held her hand over his penis and she replied, “Definitely forcefully. It was not what I wanted. I had my eyes closed. I was freaking out. ”

Huth said it lasted about five minutes. During the alleged assault, her friend was in the other room.

Bill Cosby
Cosby has been accused of sexual assault and drugging by dozens of women.
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After he finished, what did he do? ” Goldberg asked.

“He just walked out of the room like nothing,” Huth replied.

Afterward, Huth said she followed Cosby to the grotto.

Goldberg then showed Huth a picture of her and Cosby which was taken just outside the grotto. He had a beard in the picture, and is wearing a white sweater.

A significant portion of Huth’s case remains on the photo, notably because she remembered Cosby having a beard at the time of the alleged assault. Her attorneys said that proves the picture was taken in 1975, as Huth claims, because Cosby was in two films that year where he sported a beard.

Notably, Huth originally said the assault happened a year prior, but revised her testimony to say it happened in 1975 and told jurors it was not done to be deceptive.

Huth said she at first did not tell anyone about the incident except her friend Donna, who was also at the mansion.

She said after the assault, she began to isolate herself and “lost interest in everything.”

“I stayed in my room, I was not happy and I want the same person,” said Huth, who is expected to finish her testimony by Wednesday.

Judy Huth
Huth alleges that the assault took place at the Playboy Mansion in 1975.

She remembered seeing actor Peter Lawford, Hugh Hefner and Barbie Benton at the mansion as well.

Cosby’s lawyers have said he took Huth to the Playboy Mansion, but claim she was not a minor at the time and that no sexual assault happened.

During opening arguments, Goldberg said Cosby has a “sense of invincibility” and a “sense of entitlement.

His attorney Jennifer Bonjean, meanwhile, said in her opening statement that she was “confident that the evidence will discredit Plaintiff’s 50-year-old allegation.”

In total, Cosby has been accused by dozens of women of rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery and sexual misconduct.

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