Biker ‘throws punch’ at bus driver in Sutton Coldfield as gang go on rampage in town

A biker gang caused chaos in Sutton Coldfield with a witness claiming they rode on pavements and pedestrian walkways, while one is said to have thrown a punch at a bus driver. The incident took place at the roundabout connection Birmingham Road, Manor Road, Brassington Avenue and Queen Street in the center of town shortly after 5pm on Wednesday (March 23).

An eyewitness, who asked not to be named, said she was walking with her husband and saw around eight youths on motorbikes riding down Birmingham Road. She claimed one then went on the opposite side of the road and ‘rode onto the pavement’, narrowly avoiding a pedestrian before re-joining the others.

The group then ‘surrounded the bus’ which led to the driver ‘putting his head out of the cab window’. It was then the witness said one of the gang then ‘threw a punch’ at him.

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The 66-year-old told BirminghamLive: “We were walking down the hill in Birmingham Road and heard this brmm, brmm, brmm noise. They started to approach the island and one of them came right on the wrong side of the road and mounted the footpath.

“One person had to avoid the bike. The biker then re-joined the others. The bus stopped at the island behind a car and was stationary. The bikers were all around the bus, weaving around.

“The car moved and the bus started to move forward. One of them weaved right in front of him and another one was to the side. It was dangerous.”

The witness continued: “The driver got outside of the cab window to say something and one of them threw a fist at the driver of the Arriva bus close to the Bottle of Sack pub side. I think it was the 110 to Tamworth. I was not sure if it hit him.

“The driver closed the window and the biker got back on his bike. The bus driver then carried on around the island. The bikers then went right through the Parade. One went the wrong way down Queen Street.

“They were all off-road bikes. They were all motorbikes except for one small off-road buggy. I did not see any number plates. I crossed over and dialed 999 and reported the incident and said a bus driver had been assaulted and was told to call 101. I was asked to email the photo I had in.

“As I was walking I bumped into a bus driver who was coming up Queen Street. He said he had just had an emergency alert. Arriva had raised an alarm. I waited for police but nobody arrived. Sutton’s going to be a no-go zone soon. ”

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Arriva was asked about the incident saying its driver was ‘not assaulted’. A spokeswoman for the bus company said: “We’ve reviewed CCTV and have spoken to our driver, as well as to the police. No assault took place

“This is, unfortunately, an anti-social behavior incident in the area, which the police are well aware of and are investigating. Fortunately, our driver was not hurt and not assaulted. “

West Midlands Police have also been approached for a statement regarding the incident.

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