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Biggest Gambling Winnings at the History of Casinos

There are numerous incredible cases where people become millionaires in a moment or, on the contrary, they blew all their money. Still, let’s focus on the positives and remember five fascinating stories about how common people blessed by fortune have won fabulous amounts at casinos. These lucky strikes look inspirational, but they are not a pattern. So, when you join a real-money bet play casino be careful with your budget and place mindful bets.

Top 4 Mind-blowing Winnings That Changed Players’ Lives

  • Charles Wells

The 30-year-old British inventor Charles Wells went to Monaco to gamble at the casino. He sat at the roulette table in the afternoon and placed bets until the late evening, without a break. This way, he spent the whole week at the casino, breaking his bankroll many times. However, he was not discouraged and continued to enjoy betting. After all, Charles spent $400,000 but won $4 million.

  • Cynthia Jay

Las Vegas is the capital of gambling packed with plenty of happy stories about huge winnings. Thus, a local waitress Cynthia Jay worked at the casino and decided to gamble after her work shift, when her family celebrated her mother-in-law’s birthday in 2000. She and her husband bet the last 5 buck on one of the “one-armed bandits” and won $34 million of the progressive jackpot.

  • Archie Karas

Anargyros Nicholas Karabourniotis is a professional gambler focused on billiard and poker. He had been training from 1992 to 1995 before turning $50 into $40 million. However, he wasted all his winnings while playing poker and craps.

  • Elmer Sherwin

A World War II veteran Elmer Sherwin parleyed their fortune in the millions twice. Fist he visited the Las Vegas casino in 1989 to play the Megabucks slot. He wagered $100 and won $million on one bet. Then, the gambler won $21 million in 16 years later. Who said that you cannot step into the same river twice?

Is It Possible to Win a Fortune at Online Casinos?

The guy with the nick Peter won $38 million while placings bets on the Arabian Night slot from the comfort of his home. At first, he didn’t even believe his happiness. This sum has become the largest in the online casino history. However, other winnings are also impressive.

A man with a nickname DP played on his iPad and hit the giant jackpot of $11,609,942 in August 2016. The same year, Markus Goodwin won $ 11 633 898 on Mega Moolah. In 2011, a Norwegian student made the Mega Fortune slot generate €11 736 375. And in 2013, a Finnish gambler grabbed €17 861 800, wasting only 25 cents!

So miracles happen. Be persistent, and Fortuna will pay back the favor. Maybe you are the next instant millionaire, who knows?

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