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Bethlehem library books marred by political stickers

Image by Massarah Mikati

Exterior of the Bethlehem Public Library Friday, June 19, 2020 in Bethlehem, NY (Will Waldron / Times Union)

Will Waldron / Times Union

BETHLEHEM – Books and signs in the Bethlehem Public Library were marred over the weekend with vulgar political stickers.

Library Director Geoffrey Kirkpatrick said staff members noticed the handful of stickers critical of President Joe Biden over the weekend that read “FJB” and “Let’s Go Brandon.” Among the places where the stickers were found were covers of former President Barack Obama’s book “A Promised Land” and Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility,” as well as a sign in the library’s New York Times’ Bestseller section.

“We did a thorough search, but have to make sure there are no more,” Kirkpatrick said. “We do not tolerate this.”

The stickers have been removed and staff will continue to sweep the library for any others.

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