Get ready to ride that pink wave into your Max Subscriptions this fall, Barbie will be stealing the show on the streamer.

Image Still: Warner Bros Discovery

Can we get a director’s cut of Barbie where Greta graciously returns Ryan Gosling’s iconic scream on the Venice boardwalk to us? “Barbie is really important for us,” beamed Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav on the conglomerate’s Q2 earnings call about what will be the first pic to hit $1 billion under his reign. (after so many flops including The Flash it should be a star in the filmography).

Warner Brother’s CEO went on to expouse on a long theatrical window for Barbie. If you search you will see that Barbie is also scheduled to hit airline options this September.

“We really believe in the motion picture window — let it play out … go into PVOD, take it through the windows that have worked forever [in the business],” he said. “When it goes on Max, it will have a good impact in the fall.”

Zaslav since taking charge of Warner Brothers Discovery has championed the theatrical window passionately, unlike the former Warner Bros Media administration that upset the town with their same theatrical-day-and-date experiment on HBO Max during Covid. Zaslav also mentioned how he rallied all the departments at the conglom to work together to build “The Summer of Barbie“. This included a Barbie dreamhouse special on HGTV which premiered to 4M viewers and was broadcasted in 106 countries as well as Barbie Food Network special and a sneak peek during NBA Finals on Turner sports.

Barbie will cross the $400M mark at the domestic box office today, in its 14th day, beating Top Gun: Maverick and Super Mario Bros Movie to that benchmark, both crossing in 18 days. The Mattel doll should cross the $1 billion mark on either Sunday or Monday. Total global outlook per sources is $1.3 billion for Barbie.