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Bar Smith Finally Breaks Silence on Ashley Jones Breakup Rumors

Bar Smith and Ashley Jones have experienced plenty of ups and downs over the course of their relationship.

Just last year, Bar was arrested and locked up on DUI and weapons charges.

But while their lives have been volatile at times, Bar and Ashley’s love for one another always seemed to remain consistent.

That’s why fans were so surprised this week when Smith and Jones deleted all of their photos of one another on Instagram.

Ashley Jones and Bar Smith recently hinted that they had broken up.

Bar and Ashley also unfollowed one another on the site, leading fans to conclude that they had separated.

At first, both parties declined to comment on the situation, which only added to the perception that these two had called it quits.

But now, Bar has broken his silence with a series of cryptic comments.

Ashley Jones and Bar Smith: Secretly Married! (And Already Headed For Divorce?)
Ashley and Bar have become fan favorites on MTV. (Photo via Instagram)

“Some Men don’t grow up so their women outgrow them,” Smith wrote on his Instagram Story, alongside a photo of Ashley and her mother on stage at a Teen Mom reunion taping.

“No productive person wants to be in a relationship with no communication, no compassion, no romance, no affection, no common goals towards life or drive to get there.”

Needless to say, Bar kept things vague, but many have interpreted the comments as his way of hinting that he and Ashley are still together.

Bar Smith has traded in his stylish gear for a county orange jumpsuit. (Photo via Instagram)

It’s interesting, however, that he won’t come right out and say that.

Whatever is going on with them now, it seems that Bar and Ashley did hit a rough patch recently.

But Bar has gone on the attack against the people who claimed that the couple went so far as to break up.

“Mmm crazy how this ain’t what is going on but y’all just went in on me in the comments,” he wrote in response to a fan’s question about the split.

“Safe to know that y’all actually don’t f–k with me, and couldn’t wait for the opportunity, and for that f–k all of y’all now.”

As further confirmation that there was some sort of trouble in paradise, Ashley’s mom replied to Bar and basically asked him to leave her out of it.

Ashley Jones Instagram Photo
Ashley Jones got famous on 16 and Pregnant. She’s now a cast member on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. (Photo via Instagram)

“Uhmmmm take me out of this. My subliminals are to my own husband,” she wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“I got my own problems this morning fr fr. I ain’t in they s–t. But you can tell my husband I’m pissed with him.”

Bar and Ashley got married in 2022, and they were reportedly planning a second wedding for later this year.

Bar has broken his silence with some strange commentary about his marriage. (Photo via Getty)

We guess if the nuptials get called off, then we’ll know that they’re officially dunz-o.

On the bright side, if these two did break up, we guess they can be grateful that the split happened before the ceremony instead of right after!

At least they’d save some money that way!

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