Bar invests in ‘biggest TV screen in West Midlands’

The new giant screen

The “substantial” investment in the giant, ultra HD 4K screen measuring four by two meters has been made to give sports fans the best bar spectator experience in the region.

It is just one of 18 screens now in place at Velvet’s Cumberland House premises, with 10 downstairs and another eight upstairs, enabling the bar to show three different events and broadcast two different commentaries at any one time.

Steve Emmison, manager of the family-run Velvet Music Rooms, said: “We are pretty certain that our new four x two meter screen is the biggest ultra HD 4K TV to be found inside any bar across the region.

“We have made a substantial investment in providing the best technology this summer to make sure that our customers get to watch whichever big match or sports event is on, whenever they want.

“We have plenty of room both upstairs and downstairs for customers to enjoy their favorite cocktails, drinks and a full dining menu while never missing a moment of their favorite sports.”

Velvet is currently showing every event from the Commonwealth Games, and customer numbers are growing as the football season kicks off.

From this Friday, Velvet will have every major Premier League match live on screen, as well as all the cricket, boxing and rugby fixtures.

Some other bars have installed temporary projector screens in gardens that measure larger than 4×2 meters, but none of these are thought to be of ultra HD 4K quality.

Mr Emmison added: “In short, Velvet’s new giant TV makes us the very best place to enjoy watching sports during a night out, socializing with friends over food and drinks, and celebrating the very best fixtures available.”

Mike Olley, general manager of Westside BID, said: “Velvet is a great venue run by a fantastically committed management team that is always trying to move forward, improve and provide the very best for their customers.

“To think that Westside probably now hosts the biggest ultra HD 4K TV screen in the West Midlands is a wonderful thing and should help Velvet become even more of a magnet to sports fans.”

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