Awesome Places to Visit in London in 2022

LONDON ATTRACTS millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Few cities can compete with it in terms of the number of attractions. There are popular monuments you can not miss as they are the city hallmarks, and there are spots that are lesser known but no less interesting. This article is a quick guide to what you should see and do on free walking tours in London in 2022.

Must-See Places

London is rich in history, and therefore there are many places, buildings, and monuments with which every tourist associates it. Here are just a few places you should definitely visit which do not need any introduction:

  • Tower of London and Tower Bridge;
  • Westminster Abbey and Big Ben;
  • Buckingham Palace and Changing of the Guard;
  • British Museum;
  • London Eye;
  • Hyde Park, Wellington Arch, and Speakers’ Corner;
  • Warner Bros. Studio (for Harry Potter movie fans).

To See List

Now let’s move on to other locations in the city that are also famous but often overlooked by tourists. It’s understandable as it is simply impossible to cover all fantastic places in one trip. Include the following spots in your route:

  • The Victoria and Albert Museum. The collection contains more than two million items from all over the world.
  • The Bankside Power Station. There is now an exhibition instead of a power plant, part of the Tate Modern Art Gallery.
  • The Kew Royal Garden is a huge complex of botanical gardens and greenhouses with an area of ​​more than 132 hectares.
  • The Barbican Conservatory is more than just a large conservatory. This unique complex includes a library, art space, restaurants, and concert halls.
  • The Glory. Bright, bold, and unique LGBTQ + cabaret deserves your attention.
  • Southbank Center. If you are an art fan, you will find various art venues here.
  • The Royal National Theater. Here you can continue your in-depth study of art by watching comedies or dramas.
  • The Shard. It is an excellent opportunity to see the city from a great height.
  • The Highgate Cemetery. There are many architecturally outstanding crypts and monuments on its territory.

To-Do List

After an active cultural program and immersion in world art, you can do more mundane things like shopping and dining:

  • The Borough market. In one of the largest and oldest London food markets (12th century), you can buy almost any food.
  • Liberty London offers its fancy fabric collection for buying.
  • The Columbia Road Flower Market is a sea of ​​flowers in different colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • The Dukes Bar is an elegant place for a relaxing cocktail or two.
  • The Portobello Market. If you are interested in antiques, do not miss this market.
  • Chinatown is an island of oriental culture in austere London, where you can try Asian cuisine.
  • The Hawksmoor Restaurant offers a more classic set: delicious steaks and alcoholic cocktails.
  • Little Venice is an area of ​​London where you can go boating.
  • Daunt Books is a chain of bookstores with fantastic interiors.
  • Primrose Hill. End a busy day lying on the soft lawn in the park.

Of course, the lists in this article are not complete, and for sure, every traveler can supplement it with their favorite places with which they associate London. Where would you like to go first?

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