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Avoid the 2017 Health Insurance Deadline

Published on January 13, 2017

Your last chance to enroll in or change Marketplace health insurance plans for 2017 is January 31, 2017. That’s just over 2 weeks away!

Act now & don’t miss the health insurance deadline

IMPORTANT: Want your coverage to start February 1?

Apply and enroll by January 15, and your new plan will take effect February 1.

Already enrolled for 2017? You can still change plans.

If you were automatically enrolled in a 2017 health plan, we strongly encourage you to log in and update your information. Updating your application with your expected 2017 income and household changes will help you get the right amount of savings. You’ll also have a chance to see if there are other health plans that may work better for you.
You can change plans until January 31, 2017. After that, you can enroll in or change 2017 plans only if you qualify for a .

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