The court temporarily suspends San Diego Unified’s vaccine mandate over religious challenge

A San Diego Unified student is being vaccinated at school. Courtesy of the district The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Sunday issued a last-minute ban that temporarily prevented the San Diego Unified School District’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate from taking effect in December. The court said the injunction would be in place until the school … Read more

What the Welsh Government told us about the chances of schools breaking down early for Christmas

With the new Omicron variant being discovered in the UK, there is growing concern about the Covid situation. Although cases of coronavirus in Wales have fallen to their lowest level since early September, the new, apparently more easily spread variant has led to border closures around the world and considerable concern among scientists. Covid has … Read more

Hartmann: St. Louis gets some NFL mogul money | Hartmann | St. Louis | St. Louis news and events

Peter Powell / EPA / Newscom See you, Stan. Thanks for all the money. Boy did we make out of a disturbance. The city, which was so despised in 1994 for its desperation and ruthlessness in pursuing a National Football League franchise – for a stupid sum of money – turns out to have played … Read more

Message | The book about Boba Fett | Disney + – Star Wars

Message | The book about Boba Fett | Disney +Star wars The book about the Boba Fett trailer teases the bounty hunter’s Sarlacc escapeCBR The Book Of Boba Fett TV Spots: The Return Of The Bounty Hunter/Movie Get ready for the premiere of The Book of Boba Fett with new character posters!Star wars Star Wars: … Read more

COVID-19: Two more Omicron cases in London, bringing the UK to a total of 11, as there is a suspicion of infection in the community in Scotland

Two more cases of the Omicron coronavirus variant have been discovered in London, bringing the total number of people with the strain identified in the UK to 11. This comes after authorities earlier today confirmed that six cases were found in Scotland in addition to three found in England in the weekend. The recent London … Read more

Waymo zooms around central Phoenix on a mission

We’ve all seen them. These robotic cars with their strange, spinning pendants. They are here, there and apparently everywhere these days. It’s like world War without the eerie genocidal Martians inside. Invasion of the robots. Take it easy. They’re just Waymos. Way mo ‘of them than before. But this is not radio fraud. I support … Read more