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Audrey Roloff Claps Back at Critics: I’m Not a Perfect Parent, Okay?!?

Audrey Roloff would like a word or two dozen with her critics.

The former Little People, Big World star has often come under fire for thinking she knows best — about parenting, about marriage, about pretty much everything.

She often posts tips that she probably think make her sound all smart and profound.

But, in reality, they are total and complete nonsense.

Audrey Roloff looks a little stressed out in this photo of herself and her spouse, doesn’t she?

Audrey and her husband Jeremy also once wrote a book about romance that was so roundly panned that it ruined their plans to write a follow-up.

So, there’s some context for you.

There’s some context for what prompted Audrey to pen a lengthy message on her Instagram Stories page this weekend.

She did so after critics accused Audrey of humble bragging after she previously wrote about “crushing [her] to-do-list” despite having three young kids at home.

Say cheese! Audrey Roloff turns the camera on herself for this photograph.

Is her life really that easy? Has she really mastered this whole parenthood thing?

No and no, Audrey now insists.

“In case you are new here or not, I just felt like I wanted to say while I share a lot about my life here on the gram, there is a lot of my life that I don’t share,” Roloff wrote as a caption to footage that depicted her washing dishes… in a sweatshirt… her hair a mess.

“These parts. Mostly the less glamorous ones,” she added.

“Like all the dishes after a day of taking care of sick kids, or sitting in the steamy shower at 2am.”

Continued Audrey, emphasizing that her life is far from perfect:

“Probably just like you, I spend a large portion of my day cooking, cleaning, coloring, carrying and cuddling. And I’m so grateful for this because I love being a mom.

“But I also just felt like I wanted to remind you not [to] glamorize anyone else’s life on here.

“We don’t have it all together. And neither do you. No one does.”

Welp, this is downright adorable. We love this snapshot of Audrey Roloff and her baby in a tulip field.

In her own self-righteous way, Audrey is right here, of course.

So many social media users only share happy moments, or what appear to be happy moments.

They only post the best versions of themselves, keeping the less glamorous aspects private and making it look like they have their $hit completely together.

But, as Roloff says above, they most assuredly do not.

Still, Audrey Roloff simply isn’t very popular on the Internet.

“Very self-righteous…very sad..,” wrote one person in response, while another hated chimed in as follows:

“She is talking like we didn’t know any of that already.. no s**t her life isn’t glamours! She is just realizing she can’t save face anymore and she has to admit she’s struggles like ANY other mom!”

Well, yeah.

Isn;t that her entire point?

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