Ateh Jewel – Changing Things One Blusher at a Time

I am so incredibly excited to have the brilliant broadcaster, journalist and entrepreneur Ateh Jewel back on the podcast.
Last time we spoke Ateh was planning her beauty brand and now it has finally been born into the beauty halls of Harrods no less.
Ateh Jewel Beauty is a brand with a story with more twists and turns than Netflix’s newest binge watch. A story of integrity, saying no when it would have been so much easier to say yes, sticking to your guns when people try to talk your ideas down and one of women coming together to make things happen. The result is three of the most beautiful, high quality blushers imaginable and much more to come.
Ateh and I talk about the mountains that she had to climb to bring her dream to fruition (prepare to be shocked by some of the things that she has experienced). We also chat about the symbolism of Chanel handbags (and why Ateh no longer needs them), the power of being in your 40’s, being the best mums we can be and why her brand is about so much more than just makeup.
This interview is one that I will never forget. Prepare to feel empowered, excited and ready to take on the world!
You can buy Ateh’s blushers at Harrods here or find them on her website