At least 20 police officers and a dozen squad cars descend on Welsh seaside town

At least 20 police officers and a dozen squad cars swamped a Welsh seaside town following a disturbance this evening. The incident is thought to have happened around 8pm in Towyn, Denbighshire.

Pictures from the scene show North Wales Police officers lining one side of the coastal town’s Towyn Road in an apparent attempt to calm the situation. North Wales Live understands that the mass police presence at the location came about as a result of a disturbance between groups of youths in the area.

Earlier tonight, eyewitnesses reported seeing youths “kicking off” and “brawling” in the street. A number of businesses in the Towyn Road area were reported to have closed early because they feared trouble in the town.

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One eyewitness at the scene counted 23 police officers and around 12 squad cars in the area at the time of the incident. Other residents reported hearing sirens across Towyn.

There were also online reports of police riot vans being seen in the town center. North Wales Police said it had “no further information available to the public at this time”.

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