Now that Danny Masterson has been sentenced to 30 years to life in prison, it’s been revealed that Ashton KutcherMila Kunis, and a couple of other That ’70’s Show stars wrote letters in support of the prominent Scientologist.

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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Are Among 50 Individuals Who Penned Letters Of Support

Word of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ letters of support first emerged on Twitter through Neisha Trout, “one of the victims who he was convicted on.”

Hours after Danny Masterson was sentenced, Trout tweeted that Kutcher and Kunis “submitted letters to the judge asking for leniency.”

She also pointed out that the move came “after they read all of the gruesome sworn-under-oath testimony.”

Meghann Cuniff then provided confirmation by sharing copies of the actors’ letters on Legal Affairs and Trials with Meghann Cuniff.

Within Kutcher’s statement, he called Masterson “nothing but a positive influence” before declaring, “Over [our] 20 year relationship I don’t ever recall him lying to me.” 

The Two and a Half Men actor went on to say that Danny “set an extraordinary standard around how you treat other people” before sharing examples, including, “After 9-11 Danny was a huge advocate for support of the Firefighters effected [sic] by the event.”

Before wrapping up, Ashton said that separating Danny Masterson from his 9-year-old child “would [be] a tertiary injustice in and of itself.”

“While I’m aware that the judgement has been cast as guilty on two counts of rape by force and the victims have a great desire for justice. I hope that my testament to his character is taken into consideration in sentencing. I do not believe he is an ongoing harm to society and having his daughter raised without a present father would a tertiary injustice in and of itself.”

As for Mila Kunis, she called Danny Masterson an “amazing friend” with a “caring nature.” While advocating for his character, Kunis also referenced his “unwavering commitment to discouraging the use of drugs.”

Upon sharing that Masterson was an “exceptional older brother figure,” Mila stated, “I wholeheartedly vouch for Danny Masterson’s exceptional character.”

Meghann Cuniff also noted the That ’70’s Show actors who star as Red and Kitty Foreman — Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp, respectively — also penned letters of support for Masterson. All in all, 50 people are reported to have written letters of support for Danny Masterson.

Danny Masterson’s Lawyer Plans To Appeal The Decision, Says He “Did Not Commit The Crimes”

As The Shade Room reported, Danny Masterson was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison on Thursday (Sept. 7). The ruling came just over three months after he was convicted of raping two women in the early 2000s.

During his sentencing, the women he was convicted of raping unleashed on him. One stated, “The world is better off with you in prison.”

Following the sentencing, Danny Masterson’s lawyer — Shawn Holley — released a statement and proclaimed, “Mr. Masterson did not commit the crimes for which he has been convicted.”

Holley also noted that he and some of the “brightest” appellate lawyers are “confident that these convictions will be overturned.”

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