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Arsenal’s North London Forever chant: Lyrics & background to new Gunners anthem ‘The Angel’ by Louis Dunford

Arsenal supporters are pushing for a ‘North London Forever’ chant to become a new club anthem, but what are the lyrics and background to the song? GOAL has all the details.

The Gunners faithful have a strong reputation as one of the most vocal fanbases in the Premier League, and they boast a vast collection of songs about current players, club legends and past glories that they regularly belt out during matches.

A large portion of those tunes refer their unique place in the history of north London, and a new one has now been added to the Arsenal playlist which is reportedly set to debut in the away stand at West Ham on Sunday.

What are the lyrics to the chant ‘North London Forever’?

English singer Louis Dunford, who was born and raised in north London, released a single called ‘The Angel’ in February 2022, and Gunners fans have picked up the chorus as a potential new club chant, which goes:

North London forever

Whatever the weather

These streets are our own

And my heart will never leave you

My blood will forever

Run through the stone