Are you trying to get in shape? Here are endurance-enhancing strategies

Athletes know that energy is crucial to their training and performance. But every athlete experiences days or periods when energy levels decline. Lack of energy can compromise performance and derail individuals’ fitness goals, especially if they can not find ways to increase their endurance. Individuals can try different strategies to improve their endurance. Certain solutions may be temporarily effective, but people who want to commit to a long-term fitness regimen should forgo fashion phenomena in favor of long-term means to improve their endurance. The following are some strategies athletes can try to overcome endurance problems.

Design a multifaceted fitness program. Strength training and cardiovascular training are often separate and this can have a negative effect on endurance. Fitness and wellness retailer Johnson Fitness notes that a healthy combination of strength and conditioning training, sometimes referred to as simultaneous training, allows the body to perform at its best. When the body is performing at its highest capacity, energy levels should not be an issue.

Remember to rest. It may seem counterintuitive to suggest that rest will actually help athletes avoid longer periods characterized by lack of energy. But rest is essential for recovery. The American Council on Exercise notes that rest allows the body to repair muscle tissue that is routinely damaged during exercise. Without the time to repair, athletes may feel tired when they begin their training, and inadequate rest between workouts increases the risk of injury.

Eat before exercising. Athletes who train on an empty stomach may notice that their training tends to start sluggishly and it is not a coincidence. The Cleveland Clinic notes that food nourishes exercise by providing the energy the body needs to get through a workout. Carbohydrates can provide the energy individuals need to get the most out of their workouts, but men and women who like to work out in the early morning hours may not reap these rewards. In such cases, a small piece of fruit or granola bar can increase blood sugar levels, which are at their lowest after waking up, and provide a small but useful energy boost.

Change things up. Relaxing endurance can be a byproduct of boredom. Experienced fitness enthusiasts know that training as part of a daily routine and a routine workout are not one and the same. Change up regularly for a workout so that the body does not get used to the same exercises and the mind does not get tired of performing the same exercises. New challenges can revive a passion for training, which should reduce the mental endurance associated with doing the same exercises over and over again.

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